NaNoWriMo Day 7

Didn’t get quite as much done today as I wanted, but I still feel pretty good about it! I ironed out a bit of a hitch in my story flow and had some fun with Seth’s backstory this time. Also he’s named a couple of the fish people.

Word Count: 14,015


The hand ferried him back to the pool of water, and Seth’s heart fluttered like a baby bird. “Please, wait, don’t–” he stammered. His voice pitched into a shriek when Stripe yanked him down into the water.

Cold and dark assaulted him, and his breath fled his mouth. The water pressure didn’t crush him, but Seth hardly had a mind for that. He could only thrash and struggle against the hand dragging him out. Desperate for freedom, desperate for air, Seth loosed a strangled cry that echoed weirdly around him.

Click’s voice was clearer now, to his fleeting surprise, though he still couldn’t understand the chattering noises. Seth found himself between the two giant fish people, Stripe’s hand coiled loosely around him like one of those scuba shark cages.

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