NaNoWriMo Day 10

Made some decent plot(ish) progress today. The communication barrier is fun, but also it makes some things difficult for me. Like how do I make sure Seth knows that Click is a friend. How.

Word Count: 20,447


He almost didn’t recognize Click at first. Most of the fish folk had the same sort of face, with sharp teeth, bulbous black eyes, and glowing tendrils on their heads. However, After noticing decorations of shells or coral or metal on the others, Seth realized that Click was entirely undecorated, and their betta-like fins were distinct among them.

As he watched, Click snatched a low-swimming fish out of the water. It flickered with bio-light, but couldn’t escape their grip. Seth’s mouth twisted into a frown, and he almost looked away. He didn’t want to watch the giant that kept him in a box tear a fish apart.

Another fish-giant rushed up to Click then, their own patterns glowing sharply and quickly. Click cringed back from them, clutching the fish they’d caught and chattering back. Another fish giant joined the confrontation, both advancing on Click with angry flashing and burbling.

Like schoolyard bullies, one seized Click by the arm while the other grabbed a handful of their head tendrils. Click opened their mouth, and then something stretched on their jaw and they opened their mouth even wider than should be possible, showing off even more of those sharp teeth.

Before they could retaliate, the other fish snatched their kill from their hands and darted away, clicking smugly.

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