NaNoWriMo Day 9

Things started a little slow today, but then picked up as I got an idea! Some communication attempts have begun, though they aren’t perfect and there’s still a really long way to go. At least now he has some tiny chance to tell them off someday. A man can dream, anyway.

Word Count: 18,347


Seth frowned. “I-I don’t understand you,” he said. He doubted Stripe understood him any more than he understood them. They clicked and hummed at him in reply.

Then, with the recent memory of his young, nonverbal cousin in mind, Seth held up his hands. He tapped his fingertips to his temples, and then held his hands palm up in a shrug. It wasn’t the ASL for what he wanted to convey, but what he hoped might get through to them easier.

Stripe tilted their head the other way, and their glowing tendrils pulsed.

Almost hesitantly, the fish giant leaned back from the view window so they had room to hold up their hands. They considered their own webbed fingers for a long moment before focusing on Seth again.

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