Chase In Lilliput – Barn Razing (1/2)

I got this one half done and then forgot about it for a bit! Things have been busy, but there should always be time for Chase and his giant buddy. Jacob also deserves a chance to be a hero!

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The flames had nearly reached the barn. They left a black patch of grass behind them, the clear path from the scorched earth where the lightning first struck. Jacob winced as he heard the animals in the building baying and squealing in fear. Fire already licked at some of the walls, scaring the horses in their pens.

It was already working its way to the other side of the barn. It burned fast and hot, more than Jacob could stomp out.

At least he had other options.

With another wince as he reached over the angry flames, Jacob seized the edge of one part of the roof. It didn’t take much to wrench the whole roof upwards like the lid of a box, and from there he could grip the wall of the barn.

The whole facade came down, tamping out the grass on that side of the building. It gave the animals within a safe path and the ones not tied down made use of it, rushing out into the fields around Jacob’s knees. For once, he wasn’t the scariest thing they’d ever seen.

He leaned down to survey what remained. He had to reach into the barn to rip down one more gate. The horses shied away from him, their eyes wide with terror and their ears flicking every which way. Once his hand was out of the way, the skittish horses whinnied and hurried out of their pen at last. They quickly caught up with and then outran the other animals.

Glancing over the interior of the barn once more, Jacob reached in to grab some of the saddles and supplies hooked to one wall in case he couldn’t stop the fire. Then, he finally let go of the roof, and it sagged dangerously.

He pushed up to his feet and shoved the saddles and supplies into his hoodie pocket for safe keeping. Then, ever wary of some confused animal being underfoot, he stepped back from the barn. It collapsed in mere seconds later with a rush of sparks and air that both extinguished more of the grass around the building.

From there, Jacob had a role to play, as much as he didn’t want to. The rain was only enough for a halo of steam around the ruined barn.

He stomped down on another wall, crushing the flames and the building alike. Working quickly, he managed to stamp out the rest of the grass near the barn and stop the fire from spreading further. The storm overhead had already exhausted its rage, and things were calm.

Except for the confused neighing and mooing in the distance. That would take some work to fix.

Already Jacob spotted some little tiny lanterns in the distance as the nearest Lilliputians woke up from all the noise. They wouldn’t miss the bonfire-sized blaze that remained of the barn, so he didn’t even bother trying to get their attention. Instead, he crouched down near the fire while the rain went on. He’d have to explain everything to whichever farmer owned that barn, but hopefully they’d understand.

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