“Food Day” Contest

This year I didn’t get my energy in a row in time to do another Halloween costume contest for my shy little borrower Oscar. However! In late November there comes a time when lots of humans are inexplicably more preoccupied with food (and lots of it). Oscar doesn’t know where this “Thanksgiving” holiday comes from, but he can definitely attest that a Food Day is a Good Day.

What I’d like to see from entries is your take on Thanksgiving for the little guy. It can be art or writing, as long as it includes some indication that Thanksgiving is involved. This contest isn’t going to run for very long and is meant to be more relaxed, so submissions need not be super fancy. Don’t do an extravagant painting or a novella for it (unless you want to, I guess!).

The deadline is December 8 at 11pm Central Standard Time.


  • Must include Oscar having some Thanksgiving fun. What kinds of food would he be most drawn to? That’s up to you to imagine.
  • Other characters are allowed, but the submission won’t be judged based on any other characters
  • Keep it clean and respectful; Thanksgiving does not mean the same thing to everyone, and it carries its own issues. That said, for many it is about family gatherings and an excuse to eat good food, and that’s the sort of feeling I’d like this contest to take inspiration from. Oscar is all about the chance for a feast!


Since it’s a short contest and it’s pretty chill, for now I have only a few prizes up for grabs. If I get a lot of entries, I can reconsider that and I’ll announce it as soon as I know.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

  • 500-600 word story written by me


I’m guessing most people who follow me know who Oscar is from at least one story, but just in case, here’s a link to a few example pictures. Let me know if you need links to other resources about him; there are lots of stories out there to choose from.


In order to enter, you can post your entry on Tumblr or DeviantArt (if you don’t have an account on either, Archive of Our Own is also acceptable for writing). Then either @ me on tumblr or send me a note on DeviantArt (I am PL1 there). I’ll make a post with entries (or possibly add them to this one). If you made an entry and don’t see yours added to the list after a reasonable amount of time, let me know! There’s a chance I might miss it.

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