NaNoWriMo Day 12

Too tired for some reason. Luckily I had some buffer. I wrote a fish fight today and boy is that an odd concept for me. I’ll probably have to revisit it at some point and make it better.

Word Count: 24,139


He finally looked up when the burbling, chattering noises suddenly exploded in volume and something actually shook his enclosure. At first, he flinched back in terror. Rings had their forehead pressed up against the top edge of the coral box, and they had their mouth open wide. They weren’t trying to force their way into the enclosure anymore, though. By the flickering and thrashing of their head feelers, all they wanted was to lean away.

But Stripe had a hand on the back of their head, holding them in place with ease.

The lionfish mer-giant showed Seth no interest. Their focus was on the ring-decorated giant, and their own tendrils glowed steadily with what had to be rage.

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