NaNoWriMo Day 13

I reached the halfway point today! It’s a good thing I’m a little early for that, because this week has been kind of a slow one for writing. That’s totally okay, though; I’m well on track and the story is still fun~

Word Count: 25,524


Seth learned to recognize a select few glow patterns and how they looked on both giant faces. “Will return” was a common one for Click, as well as “What do you think?” or something like it. He also learned to recognize when they were happy or upset, though thankfully the latter emotion was never taken out on him.

It was progress, but not in the directions Seth so desperately wanted. When he tried to gesture upwards, towards the surface and the sky and the dry land where he belonged, he never could convince them. They either didn’t understand, or thought he was pointing out something with the glowing growths up on his ceiling.

Nothing much changed for what he assumed was around four days. That was when Click decided to bring Seth on a field trip of their own.

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