NaNoWriMo Day 14

I wrote a lot today! I got past a bit of a block (thanks to a pep talk from the inestimable @creatorofuniverses, u da best) and kept right on truckin. Also I found a place for one of my fave GT tropes at last, so there’s that

Word Count: 28,035


He was just pushing himself up on his hands and knees when he felt it, and grimaced. A giant fingertip brushed at his back, strong enough to pin him down if it wanted to. Instead, it pinched at his hoodie and secured an unbreakable grip on him.

This was, admittedly, unexpected. Seth had just enough time to frown in confusion before his jacket pulled taut on his torso and he lifted upwards as effortlessly as a mouse in a cat’s paw.

No, wait. Not a great image– his thoughts were cut off by the movement of the sand below him as Click ferried him closer to the pool.

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