NaNoWriMo Day 16 (and 15)

I missed a post yesterday. It completely slipped my mind (in my defense, the episode of Supernatural was really good and after I watched it I basically ended my evening on a high note). I did my word count yesterday though, and I managed to make plenty of progress today too before I have to go off to my evening plans! The notes for this sequence are “Inexplicably, tigers”. Just because.

Word Count: 31,640

Excerpt 1: 

Seth couldn’t help but imagine that bubble shrinking too far, leaving him without any air at all.

It didn’t, for whatever relief that was worth. He found himself once again with an odd bubble around only his head, sealed off at his neck and keeping only his hair dry. His clothes were soaked and his skin felt like a thousand needles poked at it.

After his brief thrashing, he floated back down to the black palms beneath him. His hands braced against Firework’s rough skin, but he wavered nonetheless in a current they couldn’t completely avoid in that cave.

All things considered, the current was the least of his worries.

Excerpt 2:

Seth almost allowed himself to wonder what might happen next. Did Click intend to leave him there? Had they given him over to the care of Fireworks in the hopes of helping him get healthier or feel better?

He didn’t know how to feel about the possibility that the giant fish that kidnapped him might be abandoning him.

The thoughts fled when he noticed something in the underbrush near the trees. His gaze whipped to the side, and Seth froze in his low crouch. He parsed what he could see easily, but then determined that couldn’t be right. It was too absurd, too ridiculous to be true.

There was an animal in the enclosure with him, and it had a white muzzle, stark yellow-gold eyes, and orange and black stripes.

A tiger?!

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