Contest Winners

First of all, thank you to those who entered the contest, and thanks to those who followed it! I hope everyone had a good time! Oscar certainly had some chances at good food for Food Day~

In Third place, earning a 500-600 word story written by me, we have:

Food Day?  by  @nightmarejasmine​ 

This is such a cute little story. I can totally see Oscar being flustered that anyone would be angry on Food Day. He’d do his best to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a lot to eat. It’d be the best day for him! Thank you so much for this charming and adorable story!

In Second place, earning a 1k word story written by me and a greyscale chibi by @creatorofuniverses​ :

Food Day  by @nightmares06

I loved this story about Oscar preparing for Food Day (he’s got to have all his chores in order for the big day!) and then going out borrowing. It really showcases how good of a borrower the little guy really is, and he earned some fantastic foods for all his effort. Thank you for bringing his celebration to life!

In First place, earning a 1.5-2k word story written by me and a colored chibi by @creatorofuniverses​ :

Oscar’s Food Day  by  panicattacknz

This story was such a ride! I was never sure where it might go next, but it all came together into such a lovely Food Day for Oscar. I especially love him helping his new buddy to work out his own Thanksgiving woes, and enjoying a warm meal with him in the meantime. Something tells me Sam and Dean would want to bring him more pie, if they could. Thanks for the wonderful Food Day adventure!

Thanks once again to everyone for helping Oscar have a good Food Day! I will be in contact with you soon to discuss your prizes.

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