Reader Message: Goldfish?

Wolfie180g: I was hoping we might be able to read the nanowrimo you wrote? Bubbles? I reread all the excerpts and I really wanna know more! It’s such a new take on g/t I’m so excited and anxious for Seth and his encounter . What happened with the tiger?? 
Lol there’s an eels song called ‘tiger in the tank’

Of course! The story you’re thinking of is Goldfish, my NaNoWriMo project for November of 2018. I actually came very close to the ending of the story at the time I left off with NaNo! Since then I’ve been taking a little break from writing every day at such a pace, since I’ve been working on stuff all year. Soon, though, I want to come back to poor Seth’s misadventures and wrap them up, edit a little bit, and share with everyone!

(I’ll have to give that song a listen 🙂 )

Thanks for writing in! You’re officially the first person to use the Askbox here on the new blog! ❤

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