Excerpt: An Unexpected Customer

The fluff continues to fluff! I’m having fun with these silly foodies.

Speaking of food, any opinions on what a certain principality might order at a cafe just down the street and around the bend for a light lunch? Send in your thoughts to my askbox or as a comment on this post! Especially if you’re British and/or own a bookshop.


“Just a small miracle,” Aziraphale said. “I go unnoticed all the time, when it suits me, of course.”

Oscar had to pause to think about whether he’d heard right. It wasn’t the first time Aziraphale had said it, but even with different context it didn’t make a lot of sense. “Just a small miracle” shouldn’t explain away the sudden appearance of a teacup, nor why Aziraphale could go unnoticed. Oscar began to wonder if he’d get a better explanation if he asked.

He decided not to risk it. “Oh. Th-that’s okay, then, I suppose. It’ll work on me, too?”

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