NaNoWriMo Day 1

It begins! I’m hardly doing any outlining at all for the start of this story, since I kind of know what I want the Plot to be, but I still need to nudge the characters to the plot. They’ll get there sooner than any of them would like, I’m sure.

Word Count: 2066


What had stood before had crumbled, and what they built on top of it could crumble, too. They could leave their mark on the ruins of old Solian buildings, and then they would join history.

For reasons as foggy as a workshop after an explosion, that mindset bred invention faster than anywhere else in Muunfel. Tinkers and smiths and even some innovative magic users made their workshops in all corners. They built and planned and explored the limits of what could be done with machines, and they did it knowing something might come soon enough to replace their latest invention. As though racing themselves, they leapt forward and made strides that the rest of the continent watched eagerly. Change and the unchanging danced in Genfierz, and in the Silver Fortress more than anywhere else.

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