NaNoWriMo Day 9

I got done late ish last night and didn’t feel like making a post, but I actually  do have an excerpt from yesterday’s writing that I’m quite happy with. Things are really coming along! Just when I think the story might end up needing some more outlining, something new comes to mind and it keeps rolling right along! To the chagrin of several characters.

Word Count: 19316


The next time Finnraal woke, he sucked in a harsh gasp and sat up. His heart pattered briefly before confusion slowed it down again as he glanced around the room. Then, he groaned and rubbed at his face with both hands as if he might drag himself to full wakefulness.

He was back home, in the warren. He was clean, and shaven, and quite rested, and by the bronze-handed clock on the crate they used as a nightstand, it was well into the afternoon.

His stomach yowled in protest and he put both arms over it with a scoff. Someone had gotten him out of that situation and even cleaned up afterwards, but had gone right to bed without eating anything. He had to hope there was still something around he could have.

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