NaNoWriMo Day 14

I’m hitting a bit of a mid month slump, but that’s nothing I can’t handle! I have a few ideas for how to get myself energized again, and as always I have a great cast of characters to help me through it, too.

Word Count: 28374


Azul glanced up and furrowed her brow. She hadn’t meant to come so close to the front, and her heart pounded. It felt strange to visit the body. It was bigger than what she felt like she should be, stronger. All the strength in her hands and she still feared what might happen. 

Verde was close, but she didn’t pay much attention to them at first. She glanced around the big underground room, lingering on the hanging lanterns. They weren’t as soft as the lanterns in the inner world, but they were still pretty.

The real world could be beautiful. Beautiful and terrifying.

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