Looking Forward?

I wanted to make a recap of the decade type post like I’ve seen all around, but the more I think about it the more daunting such a thing sounds! I did a lot of growing up since 2010. I went to college and got a degree for the first half of it, and now I’m working a Big Kid job like some kind of adult! I can summarize a bit of the writerly side of things, at least.

For one thing, I didn’t do much writing at all during college. I simply didn’t leave myself the time, and with a demanding course schedule, internships, and extremely unhealthy sleeping habits, writing my stories just didn’t happen. The closest I got was by starting D&D, which helped me get that creative outlet without having to, y’know, actually write the whole thing out (and also gave me several of my favorite OCs, most of whom have appeared on the blog already).

Then, I escaped graduated school, and suddenly the writing just wanted so much to happen again! It was at that point that I began writing with who is now one of my dearest friends, @creatorofuniverses​! I am so blessed that she wandered into my inbox answering a call for RP buddies. We created the Trust multiverse together, and anyone who follows that series knows how much it expanded in a short time.

I don’t say this publicly very often, but the Trust multiverse is also the reason I was able to finish my first draft of Bowman of Wellwood (if anyone remembers way back when it’s original title was Seeing Eye to Eye). I literally couldn’t have published my first novel (2018! I can’t believe I did it!) without my writing buddies.

I started participating in National Novel Writing Month, I wrote collaborative works with several extremely talented writers ( a special shoutout to @kimstaticchild​ and @little-miss-maggie​, who have gone on to publish several novels of their own! They’re incredibly hard workers and I owe so much of my growth as a writer to what I learned from them).

Somewhere in there I sort of started to watch Supernatural (yeah yeah I was like ten years late to that club). Then I read a fanfiction of the show that made me like it even more, and the rest, as they say, is history. I started talking with @nightmares06​ about the show and especially her AU, @brothersapart​. I even created a fanfic of her fanfic (which amused the hell out of me, as a concept), which gave birth to my dear Oscar the OC, and he has never left my mind since.

Oscar got me an in to cowrite with nightmares as well, and my gosh I got myself into the world of crossover fanfiction, bringing my favorite OCs into collaborative works with yet another lifelong friend.

The last few years are just a blur of ups and downs with my personal confidence in my writing. While I went through that, I had my friends there to help me remember that I actually know a thing or two about writing. At some point I even added in another buddy, @borrowedtimeandspace​, and I honestly feel so rich to have such a good support network.

I’ve had trouble accepting my solo work as any good from time to time, and that translated into my collaborative efforts. Every one of my cowriters understood and helped me through it, and I literally tear up every time I think about how much they’ve helped me (I’m allowed to be cheesy in my decade recap post).

This new decade is gonna be more hopeful for me. I’m going to start it off by going on a trip with my current cowriter buddies, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for that. 

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