Chase in Lilliput – New Friend (1/2)

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Jacob couldn’t think of a worse idea, but Chase convinced him anyway. He had a way of making bad ideas seem minor. Any concerns about them were met with fast, reasonable reassurances.

Until the plan was in action. Then those same reassurances were trampled by not-so-theoretical concerns.

Case in point, it thrilled no one that a giant stood in the street. He hadn’t stepped on anything or bumped into buildings, but all the same he took up a lot of space. Even trying to stay out of the way, he couldn’t avoid blocking the way. He really wished he hadn’t listened to Chase.

“I know what you’re thinking,” came a voice from his shoulder. Chase perched in the folds of Jacob’s hood, with one of the hoodie strings looped around his waist for extra security. He didn’t seem fazed by the people shouting up at Jacob for his interruption of an otherwise normal day. “You’re thinking you wish you hadn’t listened to me, but the day isn’t even over yet, so like you can’t even say it was all a total loss. Not yet.”

Jacob scoffed faintly, but continued on the route Chase had pointed out for him. “Dude. The police are gonna show up or something eventually.”

“And do what? You’re stupid big, Jake. And I want you to meet one of my buddies!”

“Why couldn’t you just have brought him to your house instead?”

“This is funnier.”

Jacob’s lips thinned to a line and he watched the ground as he sidled around a Lilliputian woman who yelled demands up at him from the sidewalk. Of course Chase would say something like that.

At length, they reached the estate that Chase wanted him to find. To Jacob’s relief, a wide lawn of lush green grass spread around the sizable house, dotted here and there with colorful flower beds and manicured trees. A winding driveway led up to the house, where ivy climbed the bricks and created a stately image of what Jacob could only describe as “old money”.

“Okay, go around back, I’ll point out his window for you,” Chase instructed, casual as ever.

Jacob tried to turn his head to give Chase a skeptical look. He couldn’t quite catch the little guy in his gaze, but frowned all the same. “What am I gonna do with that information? I’m not breaking in!” he hissed.

Chase scoffed indignantly. “I know, I know, just get back there and I’ll explain, okay? Just trust me!”

Jacob thought that he probably shouldn’t, but rolled his eyes and made his way around the side of the house. He avoided flowers and trees and did his best to place his steps lightly; the well groomed grass still flattened under his steps, but he didn’t see any signs that he’d completely destroyed any landscaping.

Chase told him the plan. Jacob couldn’t help a brief, amused smile despite his exasperation. He squatted down near the window Chase pointed out to him on the back of the stately house, well away from any landscaping and porches. The window was open and the curtains beyond it wavered in the breeze, but not enough for Jacob to see the room beyond them.

Chase took a deep breath and then, as loudly as he could, yelled “Hey! Bobby!”

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