Chase in Lilliput – New Friend (2/2)

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Chase fidgeted on Jacob’s shoulder, impatient for his idea to come to fruition. He was pretty sure Bobby would be home, and the guy hadn’t met Jacob yet. What better way to introduce him?

He grinned at the first sign of movement past the curtains. A hand grasped cloth and Chase leaned forward eagerly. The way Jacob knelt by the house, Chase had a perfect view of Bobby’s face as it came into view. The curtain swept aside, and–

“Oh what the fu-” Bobby blurted, falling out of sight as quickly as he’d appeared.

Chase cackled and had to cling to the giant hoodie string that anchored him as he all but doubled over. “Oh my God, Bobby, your face!” he wheezed. He tried to say more but it came out unintelligible through his laughter.

Bobby reappeared, his hair ruffled and his eyes narrowed accusingly. “What is your problem?! Bringing your … giant around here without even warning me?”

Jacob chuckled, and the sound rumbled right through Chase’s core. Bobby flinched back from the sound, too, but it didn’t stop Jacob from chiming in. “Technically his giant brought him here. He mooched a ride.”

“Hey!” Chase scolded. “Missing the point here! I played a really great prank on Bobby here and I think that deserves some credit!”

Unfortunately for Chase, no one else was ready to give him that credit. Bobby sent a wary look to Jacob, who remained as giant and imposing as he always had been. He was polite about not destroying the yard, at least, and Bobby slowly relaxed enough to cross his arms. “Guess he trained you up pretty well then,” he quipped.

Chase didn’t have to sling an indignant remark back; Jacob was way ahead of him. One huge hand lifted to the window, and Jacob poked Bobby in the chest before he could balk away. “Hey, now, bud, no need to be pouty with me. You got pranked, not robbed.”

Bobby flinched back and he rubbed a hand over the spot Jacob had touched him. “W-watch it!” he warned, though the stammer in his voice belied his lingering nerves.

Chase rolled his eyes and waved to get Bobby’s attention again. “Don’t be lame, Bobby. Jacob wouldn’t hurt a fly. If he could even see one. Y’know what I mean.”

“He’s right, I can’t see flies,” Jacob confirmed with a smirk. As he spoke, he lifted his hand to his shoulder, and Chase scooted onto his palm. “I just make a good taxi is all.”

Chase grinned at Bobby’s wide-eyed expression as the giant hand ferried him right to the window. “See? Easy transport. Wanna come on a walk with us, Bobby?”

Bobby sent him a flat look, then glanced past him at Jacob, who waited as patient and steady as ever. “Fine. Gimme a minute.”

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