NaNoWriMo Day 7

Yet again I started kinda late, so I dunno if I’m actually done writing yet! However, I figured I’d give an excerpt anyway. Today’s focus is a story called Elias and the Titan.

Word Count: 1830


He passed by a few magical traps laid right into the trunks of trees or hidden among the foliage. He had to generate a constant, steady breeze around himself in order to disturb the leaves and notice them all, and with that careful navigating wove his way past several designed to incapacitate something as large and bulky as an elephant. A run of the mill human would be quite violently discouraged from continuing on.

So much for a calm stroll in the woods, Elias thought, wishing he had someone around to appreciate his joke. He’d gotten used to having an audience. He had to imagine the rolled eyes, which just wasn’t the same.

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