NaNoWriMo Day 10

I wrote a decent amount today I think! I was kind of wishy washy on what I wanted to work on for a bit, but I ended up doing more work on Fiorebell.

Word Count: 1740


More vines and smaller branches snaked their way after him, tangling his limbs and working their way up towards his face. This, Trace could not allow.

A small jab of purely mental pain lashed out from him, first at the tree and then to the surrounding area. Things faltered for a moment, but still he found himself wrapped up more and more and drawn ever closer to the trunk of that tree.

With a flash of silver eyes, Trace spread a hand wide and conjured up a flame, small and bright and eerily grey, above his palm. The light alone would be enough to scorch paper, and the vines attacking that arm drew back.

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