NaNoWriMo Day 13

Late post! I was slow to write today. Blame my grocery trip after work. Today I did more work on the Fiorebell story, and got to introduce the titular character. It’s really tough to write love stories oh my god.

Word Count: 1701


Trace wondered, as he sat and wiled away the time, if Fiorebell suspected what he was. Why he could change his shape so readily, and why he was so measured with every expression he offered.

Their next meeting couldn’t come fast enough. He’d never really felt a need to be impatient before, and yet the cloying feeling settled in his core. He wasn’t meant to fall into a routine on his walkabout on the earth. He wasn’t meant to focus too much on one area as he learned about the world.

He wasn’t supposed to mingle too much with the divine, but here he was thinking only of her. She was indeed divine, whether or not she could reside in the Other like he could. He wasn’t sure what that feeling meant. It intrigued and worried and excited him.

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