NaNoWriMo Day 17

I’m not quite done for the day, but I already picked an excerpt and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll actually be done. Today I’ve been working on a story currently titled Dragonrest. This includes some new characters, hooray!

Word Count: 1007 (so far)


Zachaios chuffed and leaned his snout towards me again, prompting me to take a step back. “Perhaps you need to take a breath, fool dwarf.”

“Y’know what, pretentious dragon, maybe you’re right,” I shot back, my voice a little higher than I wanted it to be.

Zachaios growled, and I fell to a seat a lot faster than I meant to. Leathery white wings tensed on that great beast’s back and some of his spines stood up straighter. At the time, I remember thinking that it would solve at least one of my problems if I got eaten by a dragon. I wouldn’t have a tough decision to make anymore.

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