NaNoWriMo Day 22

Who knows if I’m actually done for the day, but I’ve made some decent progress! It’s hard to stay focused today. I have no chill at all. I’m a ball of nerves for some reason.

Word Count: 1100 (so far)


I frowned deeper still at the reflection of myself in that great eye. “Well. Sounds like you’re fixin’ to eat me, and who could blame me for not liking the sound of that?”

The dragon hummed, a sound that resembled a giant purring cat. The rumble of it shook in my chest. Then, the damn thing smiled, showing off those teeth in an expression lizards shouldn’t be able to make. Damn faebeasts and their uncanny ways might be the death of me, like this one was planning to be.

“It hadn’t occurred to me right away, dwarf,” the fae dragon admitted. 

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