NaNoWriMo Day 5

One day I’ll make one of these posts at a reasonable hour, when people can see them! But that’s not today. I did a lot of work today! I made progress and even got some work done in a new POV. Things are getting endearing between Marina and her new best friend. Hoping I can convey their silly little romance properly.

Word Count: 2480


He stared in surprise down at their joined hands, and for a moment Marina wondered if he didn’t even know what a handshake was. Then, he grinned too, and his laugh bubbled out of him. “You never respond the way I think you will,” he admitted, and he sounded completely delighted with the fact.

Marina shook her head with bemusement and stepped a little closer. His hand stayed closed around hers and she didn’t make a move to pull it away just yet. “Guess you’ll have to work on getting to know me a little better.”

He tilted his head, intrigue and excitement hiding just behind his beautiful blue eyes. Then, he nodded. “I suppose I will. Where do we start?”

Marina gave his hand a squeeze before finally letting go. “We can start with you helping me work, since you decided to mysteriously appear before me in the middle of an arduous task.”

His eyebrows lifted and he glanced around them, at the grass waving from the breeze and the strike of raindrops both. Then, he found the pouches on Marina’s belt, and the bag hanging over her shoulder. He looked like he wanted to say something against the idea of helping her with the gathering. Marina watched him steadily as his entire thought process seemed to play out on his face.

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