NaNoWriMo Day 6

Worked entirely in the POV of a different character this time! Blake Amata is new to me, and I’m still working out his character a bit. These early experiments with a character are always so fun! It lead to the words flowing pretty well today.

Word Count: 2236


It turned out, the symbols and diagrams they’d learned in the written portion of those early classes were far more simplified than Blake had anticipated. Here, in his third year of classes, he had to get into the bones of that early application he’d worked so hard to define.

Magic was a tool, almost a substance he could find in the world around him, and he had the power to move it in a myriad of predefined ways.

Now, he was attempting to learn, there were ways to map his own pathways. This was how mages created new spells of their own. Experimental Casting was barred to students until they passed Advanced Theory, and he slowly understood why.

Gods, was it boring, though. He blinked a few times to refocus his efforts, and hummed in frustration to realize he hadn’t retained a single word of the paragraph he’d been staring at for the last twenty minutes.

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