NaNoWriMo Day 8

Still going strong! I finished up an important scene with Blake today! Now I have to think about what part of the story I want to work on next, since I’ve been doing some of this stuff out of order. No time to lose this momentum!

Word count: 2133


“Someone went to fetch a healer from the infirmary,” someone said. It was a young voice. One of the younger students from the class Blake had interrupted with his theatrics.

He grimaced once more and tilted his head the best he could to eye the students still waiting nearby in a small, curious crowd. He’d been that green to the ways of magic before. He wasn’t sure whether or not seeing something like this, someone writhing in agony over a misfired spell, might have turned him off this career path altogether.

Not wanting to be the reason for anyone else to do so, he heaved a labored breath and shook his head. “Don’t let my dramatics stop your lessons,” he grit out. “Mistakes happen sometimes. I’m already starting to feel -”

-better. But he was already gone to the world, passed out cold on the stone.

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