NaNoWriMo Day 11

I didn’t make a post yesterday, because I had some really awful things going on during the day, and that resulted in drinking a lot of delicious (but potent) plum wine. That made getting some words written a real trick, let alone coordinating myself for an update post.

Today I continue writing Lyrson, and becoming more aware of what he’s like as a character.

Word Count: 1803 (so far?)


Before the human could bark out his angry order to attack, T’shara stepped in between the two of them, pushing gently on T’kella’s arm to prompt him to release his grip. As he did, T’shara held out a placating hand to the human. “He is not my bodyguard, good fellow, but he is protective of me, as I am of him. Please understand.”

“Oh, I understand plenty,” the human huffed. “My point stands. He cannot come with you to negotiate your terms with the Order. Hostility will only be met with hostility.”

“Hey, hey,” Lyrson chimed in again, cautiously stepping towards the altercation that all but threw sparks into the air. “If that’s true, then there’s no need for you to start off hostile with us. All of this is a misunderstanding about maps, I’m certain. I met a couple of your hunters the other night. I explained a bit to them already.”

The human turned his attention on Lyrson then, some kind of recognition dawning in his eyes. “That was you? You’re the one who tried to sabotage one of our traps!”

“Excuse me? I did no such thing!” Lyrson was indignant, but tried to remain patient. After all, acting too rashly on a misunderstanding could only make things worse.

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