NaNoWriMo Day 16

I’ve slowed down a little bit this week! I’m tired and work is an absolute monster these days. However, I’m still making decent progress! I’m still figuring out where I want to go with the whole murder mystery subplot, but y’know what this is first draft vibes baby!

Word Count: 1808


His focus stayed on the door out of the infirmary until the healer gently placed a hand on his cheek and turned his face to focus on her instead. “Eyelight,” she warned, before curling her hand into a loose fist with the heel facing him. A small light appeared there, aiming into his eyes.

Blake blinked once but tried to otherwise curb the reaction; he’d done these checkups before. The healer checked both of his eyes, though for what he couldn’t really say.

Once the spell winked out, she finally stopped her ministrations to place a hand on his shoulder. She was so gentle that Blake almost forgot about the manacles keeping him on the bed. “I understand you’re confused on top of everything else,” she said. “The dean and the rest of the council members thought it best to bring in some lawmen from the Order of Stewards. That’s what he meant about questioning. Some extra process to make sure we don’t miss any clues. You’re not in as much trouble as he acts.”

Blake glanced down at his wrists again. He didn’t move them. He didn’t need to; her gaze followed his and she sighed. “A precaution. We don’t know what happened, after all. If you were influenced by something, we can’t say the influence is gone yet.”

So that was it. Blake was a suspect, but not. He was presumed innocent, but not quite enough to walk free.

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