About Me

Nina Jamesine author photo

My name is Nina Jamesine, and I’m a writer of fiction.

My stories tend to fall into the Young Adult category, though I have worked within several different genres as I work to practice my craft and learn new and better ways to tell the stories that I want to tell. While urban/low fantasy is my favorite genre to work with, I also enjoy high fantasy and science fiction. All three give me ample opportunities to describe the many details of a setting, something that I enjoy and that comes naturally to my style.

One of the challenges of writing that I constantly gravitate towards is character interactions and different ways that they can be made more difficult. I place emphasis on the development of relationships in spite of the hurdles I set in front of them.

My favorite obstacle for interaction is significant size difference, and this theme can be found in most of my writings. The interactions between someone fairy-sized and someone human-sized require more thought and care in how they are executed. A dialogue that would be simple between two like-sized characters can become a challenge in this scenario, and I have a lot of fun exploring how it affects the dynamic between characters.