June 2019 To-Do List

  • More Lore Bits posts
  • Revisit Goldfish and start the editing process

June will hopefully be a more relaxing month for things. I have some projects I want to poke at, and I will make some time for them now that my other stuff with deadlines is momentarily out of the way. May was a little bit hard on my writing confidence, but I think it’s bouncing back! Yay!

May 2019 To-Do List

  • Interact with my blog more
  • Work on my smaller projects (Size Swap, Chase in Lilliput)

I was super excited when I made this blog. With how busy the year has been, I’ve sort of let it fall to the back burner a bit, and I want to spruce it up a little more. I intend to do more types of posts, and hopefully a little more often. If you have ideas for posts I could do, I’m open to suggestions! Just hit up my inbox!

I also have missed some of my other projects that are more lighthearted and done for fun. I’m going to get back to some of those.

April 2019 To-Do List

  • Finish Brothers Apart contest entry
  • Complete Camp NaNoWriMo goal (15k words)

I didn’t quite finish my contest entry last month, but I made a lot of progress! Since the deadline approaches, I’m going to double down on it, and I think Camp NaNo is actually a decent time for that! It gets me motivated to write every day, so I’ll already be working on things. I’m hoping it will help me knock out that contest entry quickly.

This month I definitely plan to do some Letters from Camp posts, with excerpts and thoughts on the process as I go.

I will once again be working on Imperfect Storm, the story of how Elias Dawn and Eral the Arbor Pixie came to be such a good duo.

Bowman of Wellwood eBook

Last year I published Bowman Leafwing’s story for real, and I’m very proud of all the effort that went into making that a reality. My book is a real thing that I can hold in my hands! Wow!

Now, it’s also a thing I could put in my eReader: Bowman of Wellwood is an eBook.

This was a long time coming. I’m so glad I can finally make the book even more accessible. To everyone who encouraged me along the way, I owe you my thanks for this milestone in my publishing efforts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bowman of Wellwood

This is a reminder for any fans of Bowman Leafwing who don’t know about his original story. It is available in book form!

Follow the tale of a plucky wood sprite with confidence that far outsizes his humble four-inch height as he encounters humans for the first time. His village hasn’t met with these would-be giants in generations, enough that they nearly forgot they existed. Bowman, of course, deals with the discovery in true Bowman fashion: by snarking the hell out of them.

Note also that Lulu is currently running a promotion for 15% off all print products that’s good until March 21 – just enter ONEFIVE when checking out if you should decide to purchase.

Character artwork lined by Dragonnova and colored by LaEscritora

March 2019 To-Do List

  • Work on Brothers Apart contest entry
  • Prepare for Camp NaNoWriMo in April – outline a story
  • Work on a Bowman of Wellwood eBook version

February saw a few goals met, and progress made on the longer-running ones. It was also a stressful time in Real Life, which sort of eats into my time and energy to do writerly things. However! I’m not too discouraged, and I am excited to get even more done in March.

Friendly reminder: If you have a prompt or an idea for a post, be sure to check out the contact page, which contains a form to send an idea right to me (it is anonymous; you don’t even have to fill in a name if you don’t want to!).

February 2019 To-Do List

  • Finish final contest prize
  • Edit some existing projects
  • Work on Brothers Apart contest entry

January was a busy one with the goals I had set, and with a pretty significant drain on my energy that came about at work, but I made good progress on many of my goals the last month. I also got to take a very relaxing and much needed vacation to recharge some of the writing motivation.

There is nothing quite like good friends, cozy days, and not having a schedule.

Friendly reminder: If you have a prompt or an idea for a post, be sure to check out the contact page, which contains a form to send an idea right to me (it is anonymous; you don’t even have to fill in a name if you don’t want to!).

January 2019 To-Do List

  • Finish writing Goldfish and begin the editing process
  • Work on prizes for the Thanksgiving Contest
  • Post more content on the blog

New year just in time for me to be getting used to my new blog. I have a plan for some regular scheduled posts during each month, as well as any spontaneous shenanigans I get into. If you have a prompt or an idea for a post, be sure to check out the contact page, which contains a form to send an idea right to me (it is anonymous; you don’t even have to fill in a name if you don’t want to!).

Contest Winners

First of all, thank you to those who entered the contest, and thanks to those who followed it! I hope everyone had a good time! Oscar certainly had some chances at good food for Food Day~

In Third place, earning a 500-600 word story written by me, we have:

Food Day?  by  @nightmarejasmine​ 

This is such a cute little story. I can totally see Oscar being flustered that anyone would be angry on Food Day. He’d do his best to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a lot to eat. It’d be the best day for him! Thank you so much for this charming and adorable story!

In Second place, earning a 1k word story written by me and a greyscale chibi by @creatorofuniverses​ :

Food Day  by @nightmares06

I loved this story about Oscar preparing for Food Day (he’s got to have all his chores in order for the big day!) and then going out borrowing. It really showcases how good of a borrower the little guy really is, and he earned some fantastic foods for all his effort. Thank you for bringing his celebration to life!

In First place, earning a 1.5-2k word story written by me and a colored chibi by @creatorofuniverses​ :

Oscar’s Food Day  by  panicattacknz

This story was such a ride! I was never sure where it might go next, but it all came together into such a lovely Food Day for Oscar. I especially love him helping his new buddy to work out his own Thanksgiving woes, and enjoying a warm meal with him in the meantime. Something tells me Sam and Dean would want to bring him more pie, if they could. Thanks for the wonderful Food Day adventure!

Thanks once again to everyone for helping Oscar have a good Food Day! I will be in contact with you soon to discuss your prizes.