NaNoWriMo Day 6

Worked entirely in the POV of a different character this time! Blake Amata is new to me, and I’m still working out his character a bit. These early experiments with a character are always so fun! It lead to the words flowing pretty well today.

Word Count: 2236


It turned out, the symbols and diagrams they’d learned in the written portion of those early classes were far more simplified than Blake had anticipated. Here, in his third year of classes, he had to get into the bones of that early application he’d worked so hard to define.

Magic was a tool, almost a substance he could find in the world around him, and he had the power to move it in a myriad of predefined ways.

Now, he was attempting to learn, there were ways to map his own pathways. This was how mages created new spells of their own. Experimental Casting was barred to students until they passed Advanced Theory, and he slowly understood why.

Gods, was it boring, though. He blinked a few times to refocus his efforts, and hummed in frustration to realize he hadn’t retained a single word of the paragraph he’d been staring at for the last twenty minutes.

NaNoWriMo Day 5

One day I’ll make one of these posts at a reasonable hour, when people can see them! But that’s not today. I did a lot of work today! I made progress and even got some work done in a new POV. Things are getting endearing between Marina and her new best friend. Hoping I can convey their silly little romance properly.

Word Count: 2480


He stared in surprise down at their joined hands, and for a moment Marina wondered if he didn’t even know what a handshake was. Then, he grinned too, and his laugh bubbled out of him. “You never respond the way I think you will,” he admitted, and he sounded completely delighted with the fact.

Marina shook her head with bemusement and stepped a little closer. His hand stayed closed around hers and she didn’t make a move to pull it away just yet. “Guess you’ll have to work on getting to know me a little better.”

He tilted his head, intrigue and excitement hiding just behind his beautiful blue eyes. Then, he nodded. “I suppose I will. Where do we start?”

Marina gave his hand a squeeze before finally letting go. “We can start with you helping me work, since you decided to mysteriously appear before me in the middle of an arduous task.”

His eyebrows lifted and he glanced around them, at the grass waving from the breeze and the strike of raindrops both. Then, he found the pouches on Marina’s belt, and the bag hanging over her shoulder. He looked like he wanted to say something against the idea of helping her with the gathering. Marina watched him steadily as his entire thought process seemed to play out on his face.

NaNoWriMo Day 4

It’s still the 4th where I live, so this still counts, though it’s another late post! Writing felt like it was going at a decent pace but it still took me a while to actually reach my goal. Marina continues to entertain, though soon I’ll reach the point where I plan to switch to a new character POV! We’ll see how it goes.

Word Count: 2165


Then there was the mask. Even with the cowl off and all the light available on it, it still rested on his face like a piece of the night sky was affixed to him. Marina found herself staring at it, at the way it fit so perfectly to his face, almost seemed to move with him, despite having no visible method of staying there. In the light, she understood the aura of the thing.

That mask was a curse. She couldn’t see the source, but she could see the weavings of magic like a tightly strung net, stuck to him like some kind of leech.

Some folks out there approach the gods in their tenacity. And among them all, none could break the heaviest curses.

Had he been traveling all this time looking for a cure to whatever that curse did to him?

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Late post today, but I did make my goal! Y’know, eventually. More exploration of Marina and her new friend today, as well as some environment setup. Unfortunately I started a story that involves some moderate flirting … which is why the writing was slow today. How does that even work? It’s a mystery I’m not prepared to solve. The excerpt will not be featuring the flirt attempts, as I am still unsure if they really work like I want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Word Count: 2289


Cloth bundles sat out on her table, only a few feet away from her mussed bed. They imposed a certain weight on the cluttered room, the only things really out of place if she were to put much thought into it. She didn’t want to be around when the intended recipient of those parcels came around to get them. It was the same old routine – she would be out of the house long before her mum arrived to collect the offerings. She didn’t have to weather an awkward, cloying conversation about how she had chosen to live her life.

The room itself acted as a testament to that old argument. Was she truly doing what she was meant to? Did she need to put so much work and energy into her self-taught magic? Becoming a witch came with sacrifices, mum always said. Would it be so bad to change her mind about what she wanted to do?

“Yes, it would,” Marina mumbled as she finally squirmed her way out of her quilt. She rehashed the same old argument in her head; she didn’t do it as frequently anymore, but it just figured it would creep in while she was simply trying to enjoy the sound of a gentle rain.

NaNoWriMo Day 2

I had a slightly late start to the writing efforts today, but I made good progress and maintained a good pace anyway. Today Marina decided to pick a fight with a god. I’m proud of her for that.

Word Count: 2171


A small glass of sparkling water in hand, Marina marched over to the corner table. She felt like marching, anyway, though she had to drift around the cluttered, crowded tables. For once, she wished for nothing more than a straight line and a clear path to her goal.

Still, he didn’t seem to notice her approach until she was practically upon him, and she slammed the sparkling water onto his tiny table in front of him.

He didn’t flinch, but looked up quickly enough that he couldn’t hide the widening of his eyes, half-shadowed as they were in his cowl. Marina didn’t give him much time to formulate a response to her startling arrival. “This here is what you determined I was worth today,” she told him. “Nothing more than a child’s portion of fizzwater. Perhaps you’ll get more entertainment out of it, but personally, I’m hoping it leaves you a bit queasy. It’d serve you right, acting all high and mighty and then showing yourself here.”

NaNoWriMo Day 1

It begins – I am not sure if today’s momentum actually reflects how the following days will go, as I hyped myself up for this particular scene. However, I didn’t actually finish the scene, so there’s high hopes! I am so happy to finally get to write these characters.

Word Count: 2279


At length, he came to her table – or rather, he stood alongside it. Even then, she couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face with the shadow of his cowl stubbornly giving no hints. Marina waited an extra beat, but apparently it was her turn to try to catch this outsider’s attention. He turned, just a bit. She finally caught a glimpse of the shadowed jaw, masculine in its angles and the faint black stubble upon it.

If he wanted to buy anything, he’d already have patronized one of her fellow vendors, so Marina didn’t waste her time on the usual sales pitch. “You after anything, love, or is this a performance piece?”

The stranger paused, then turned towards her more. Odd shadows played tricks on her, kept her from picking out more details on his face besides his mouth. When he spoke, those lips turned up ever so slightly at the corners. “I beg your pardon?”

Marina returned a coy smirk of her own, leaning forward slightly as if she were a schoolmarm handing out an important lesson. “Respectfully, gent, a market isn’t the best place to beg, not in the middle of the day. Are you here to buy, or is the walking around mysteriously a part of a performance for all us little town types?”

Leaf Wings (One-shot prompt)

Got this prompt a while back, and I wanted it to be Eral and Bowman. Do I know what led up to this little scene? Absolutely not! I may try to come up with more, but for now I have some fun with a What If scenario, bringing my leaf-winged characters together for some crack AU type shenanigans.

The prompt: “Stop running away!” “AND WHY SHOULD I NOT.”

Bowman’s heart pounded and he breathed quicker than his lungs could truly take in the air. His legs burned from so much running, activity he definitely wasn’t used to. Most days he’d be flying, his speedy wings propelling him forward. Wherever forward might lead him.

He was lost in a maze of twisting corridors, dimly lit and echoing faintly with every one of his frantic steps. They loomed a foot or so overhead; he didn’t know what they might be for, or where they might lead him, but he yearned for some glimpse of the outside world. He’d barely managed to escape into these tunnels on his own. At least here, whatever had captured him couldn’t follow.

Whatever had bound his wings wouldn’t be able to bind the rest of him, blast it.

His wings, strong as they were, couldn’t budge the odd material wrapped around his torso. It chafed at the all important limbs, and he couldn’t risk scratching them up without even a guarantee that he’d actually get them free. His arms, also trapped partially at his sides, couldn’t reach a proper angle to shove at the loop. All he could rely on was his sprinting speed.

Around a bend just feet ahead of him, a figure stumbled into view. Bowman smiled at first, and then skidded to a halt with a distrusting frown as he parsed the details of his fellow duct-traveler.

For one, his clothes looked so human, from the collared shirt to the leather boots. Pale skin, dark, swept-back hair, and blue eyes set him apart from any wood sprite Bowman knew. He had wings at his back, too, though they looked strangely folded under the bindings that also held them in place. His hands were bound by the wrists behind his back.

Most notably, this pale stranger was six inches tall, standing over Bowman by half his own height.

“What?!” Bowman blurted, scrambling backwards so abruptly he nearly toppled himself. He didn’t want to wait around to find out what was going on with that stranger, that  … small giant. That was just too much to deal with.

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Ask Game

Anonymous asked: hey, bowman, does jacob ever complain about his homework/schoolwork?

“He doesn’t really complain. Jacob isn’t a complainer. I think a lot of it is blasted weird, though. It’s not enough he has to read all kinds of strange things. He has to write what he thinks about them, and that can be wrong somehow? I don’t get human ‘school’.”

“I’m supposed to figure out the subtext and stuff, dude. That’s hard to get right sometimes.”

“But it’s supposed to be what you think it means! How can you be wrong about that? It makes no sense!”

“I think you’d make class discussions pretty fun. Wanna come to school with me after break?”

“Absolutely not!”

NaNoWriMo Day 29

I won! I have managed to stumble past the finish line for NaNoWriMo, despite my ups and downs throughout the month! I’m so pleased I was able to finish a project like this despite how bumpy the writing road has been this year. Thanks for following along with me!

Today I worked on a thing I started towards the end of the month, with no idea where it’s going but to establish a new character I’ve been working on.

Word Count: 2229

Final Word Count: 50078


Vantage, with the markings of blue upon his face and body, had been born to a prescribed duty. His mother hadn’t known it would show so obviously on his skin. She’d thought she could hide him away from those who would come for him, but even her clever spells had limits.

He’d lived his life on the run, always keeping a step ahead of those who would bring him back to their side. The desperation only grew the more the borders shifted and the various people of the timewilds fought for their own section of the land.

So many people thought that the Eighth King would solve their problems. The eighth king heartily disagreed.

NaNoWriMo Day 28

Today I was far more distracted while attempting to write, but I’m so dang close to the goal that it feels forgiveable. I’m really proud of making it this far, considering writing at all has been a strugglebus this year.

Word Count: 1115


He turned his face to the sky, where clouds mottled the starry canopy. The half-moons all seemed dull, even when the wisps of cloud moved away from their faces. He sat for some time upon the broken plaza and piles of charred wood and broken weapons in a silent lament. Trace was once again the Empty God.