NaNoWriMo Day 27

Another productive day! I’m pretty pleased about that. The week 4 slump was pretty bad up until last night, and I’m hoping I can have another good writing day tomorrow.

Word Count: 1710


“Who’s that, brother? Friend of yours?”

The voice was tired, broken, weak. Trace turned to his twin. Biim barely clung to consciousness, his eyes narrowed against the blood that ran down his face, and yet here he was finding strength to speak. He searched Trace’s look with something like disbelief, maybe distrust.

Trace didn’t lie to him. He didn’t say anything at all. That seemed to get his message across better than words ever would. Biim accepted it with a faint nod.

NaNoWriMo Day 26

I missed a couple days due to slow writing ending at Too Late O’Clock and also not liking much of what I wrote. But I’m back today! It’s more Fiorebell today.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it!

Word Count: 1863


Trace was not quick to anger. In truth, Trace was not quick to feel anything at all.

Rage burned hot and uncomfortable, but he would put it to use. Trace pushed the sword back violently with a stray thought, breaking the wrist of the man that held it. He cried out and dropped the weapon, which splattered blood that stained the cobblestones gray. Trace’s wound healed within a few seconds.

NaNoWriMo Day 23

I almost forgot to make a post. I’ve been done writing for an hour or two at this point whoops. Today was more Dragonrest. I’m really starting to like Antoine.

Word Count: 1681


I nodded sagely, as if that might indicate any damn thing to a blind dragon. “Right. Makes sense. Sure. So, are there a lot of dragons around here? Mostly fae beasts, or any of the big guys?”

He frowned and lowered his gaze to somewhere closer to my face. I felt scolded all of a sudden. “Fool dwarf, these are the Dragonrest mountains,” he said, somehow both annoyed and patient. “Surely you know what that means.”

“Well, yeah, I mean I know what kinda rumors it causes,” I countered, crossing my arms. “There’s lots of places named the way they are for fun or because someone thought it sounded neat.”

NaNoWriMo Day 22

Who knows if I’m actually done for the day, but I’ve made some decent progress! It’s hard to stay focused today. I have no chill at all. I’m a ball of nerves for some reason.

Word Count: 1100 (so far)


I frowned deeper still at the reflection of myself in that great eye. “Well. Sounds like you’re fixin’ to eat me, and who could blame me for not liking the sound of that?”

The dragon hummed, a sound that resembled a giant purring cat. The rumble of it shook in my chest. Then, the damn thing smiled, showing off those teeth in an expression lizards shouldn’t be able to make. Damn faebeasts and their uncanny ways might be the death of me, like this one was planning to be.

“It hadn’t occurred to me right away, dwarf,” the fae dragon admitted. 

NaNoWriMo Day 21

Today was a quick one, because I decided to edit an older story and update it. Sometimes that’s not a quick process at all … today it worked. The story is A Song of Awakening, which I’ve already posted in its original form. Still counts!

Word Count: 2607


Elias rubbed his hands together, creating arcs of blue electricity between his fingers. With a flourish, he aimed his palms at the ancient glasswork roof, and struck the tower with lightning.

The roof tiles crumbled and Elias plummeted into the room below.

“Gods dammit, Elias!” Eral cried, his wings fluttering to life. He stuck close to the demigod as many shards of colorful glass fell with them. It would only take a few to slice him to ribbons, and for whatever reason (he highly doubted it was coincidence), the glass was avoiding Elias.

NaNoWriMo Day 20

No post yesterday because I was busy watching the Supernatural finale. But I managed words! And today I’m managing words, and I’m not quite done! But I’m making a post before I hit midnight. Today’s excerpt is from Old Master Machinist.

Word Count: 1575 (so far)


Then, to Selene’s horror, her mechanical arm moved of its own accord and latched onto Nulu’s arm. Then, her mechanical leg took a step without her prompting it to, and she sucked in a gasp. “N-Nulu, this isn’t–”

NaNoWriMo Day 18

So I made par today, and little more, but this is fine by me! I’m getting some good progress on a few stories, and that’s all I need. So far I’m keeping up just fine with Nano. 🙂 Today’s excerpt is from Dragonrest.

Word Count: 1668


The sun would be going down in an hour or so, but luckily I have excellent senses in the dark. I’d track a damn dragon in his own mountains, no problem.

Did it help me avoid my other problems? Yes. Was I thinking about that as I went? Maybe.

“C’mon, Zach,” I called out, pushing through a mess of hanging vines. “I just want to talk for a second. Promise I’ll leave you alone as soon as you do me one more favor!”

That didn’t work, which didn’t surprise me. The dragon had already told me he didn’t want anything to do with me, and really that should have been the last thing to convince me. Then again, he also had made a point of listening to me instead of just tearing me to pieces because he could, so I think there was some merit in my plan.

I just didn’t expect to find a different dragon so close by.

NaNoWriMo Day 17

I’m not quite done for the day, but I already picked an excerpt and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll actually be done. Today I’ve been working on a story currently titled Dragonrest. This includes some new characters, hooray!

Word Count: 1007 (so far)


Zachaios chuffed and leaned his snout towards me again, prompting me to take a step back. “Perhaps you need to take a breath, fool dwarf.”

“Y’know what, pretentious dragon, maybe you’re right,” I shot back, my voice a little higher than I wanted it to be.

Zachaios growled, and I fell to a seat a lot faster than I meant to. Leathery white wings tensed on that great beast’s back and some of his spines stood up straighter. At the time, I remember thinking that it would solve at least one of my problems if I got eaten by a dragon. I wouldn’t have a tough decision to make anymore.

NaNoWriMo Day 16

Every day when I start writing I think “What am I doing? I don’t have enough ideas!” And then I actually get going and I end up with my goal before the night is over. It’s a weird year for writing, but by golly I’m writing! Today’s excerpt is from a story currently titled Old Master Machinist.

Word Count: 1771


Every day when she passed the archway into the machinist’s district, Selene ran her organic hand over the scratches from a rogue automaton. It was the only structure left that bore any markings from Mustafa’s experiment going wrong. It was a reminder of the work he’d done, and the work they continued after scapegoating him. Magic and machines could mix easily, but Mustafa, the old master machinist, would never receive the credit owed to him.

NaNoWriMo Day 14

I kinda flitted between stories today, but I made it! I’m somehow keeping up with nano this year despite it being, well, 2020. Today was mostly Eral, though.

Words:  1828


Eral turned an almost bemused look up at him as he leaned in a bit to observe the cage. “Did you just tell me not to be peeved that I’m soaked in whiskey, drunk off my ass, and stuck in a birdcage?”

The man grinned. “Two of those things don’t sound all bad, actually.”