NaNoWriMo Day 19

Boy was I tired today. I wasn’t sure I would get very many words done today, but then I started writing a couple of important scenes to make sure I’d have plenty of motivation, and I actually surpassed my daily goal! That’s always a good feeling.

This is an odd scene for Kala. She’s not the same race as the body, so her culture shock can be twofold in some ways.

Word Count: 38261


Kala glanced down and frowned in confusion at what she found. She was in her own appearance, something she never saw outside the inner world. Tall, slender, with thick black curls piled high on her head. Gold jewelry and gems adorned every finger of both hands, and there was a pleasant warmth in her cheeks as if she’d snuck some whiskey.

Everyone around her spoke a language she didn’t know, but that she recognized all the same. It was the language that colored her accent. She never knew why she’d come into being not knowing the language, and the accent was all that remained, but something in her fluttered to hear it now.

It was beautiful, fervent, so alive and real.

It was horrible. It was as if someone had taken what she read about the people she hailed from, blended it harshly with the daydreams she’d invented about herself among them, and saturated everything beyond what could make sense.

NaNoWriMo Day 17

It has been a long weekend. I felt so busy, but at least I didn’t fall behind on words! I actually got things into the action of everything!

Word Count: 34248


“So you’re upset with me,” Riddle slurred, even as the prism elf switched off his stun baton and strode towards him. There wasn’t much fight in him at the moment, and the elf seemed to recognize that. Riddle couldn’t feel anyone else close to him at all, and for a moment that worried him.

“Not upset, exactly, but surprised,” the elf admitted. “I didn’t think you’d come looking for us again, not after you managed to get away the first time. But here I am, the one to bring you in after you strayed.”

Riddle grinned, but it turned into a wince after only a second. “I wouldn’t mind you telling me what’s going on.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t,” the elf said gently. “But since you’re so slippery, I have no intent of detailing everything to you until we’re sure you’re in check. You understand.”

Riddle wanted to sling another protest, some other snarky response, but he wasn’t in time for the elf to produce a simple handkerchief from a pocket in his kaftan. As hasty as he was, he was also ridiculously graceful as he leaned forward to tie the cloth around Riddle’s mouth. Silk dug into his cheeks and the knot at the back of his head tangled in his shaggy hair.

He was going to make Finnraal cut it next time, he swore to whatever gods cared.

NaNoWriMo Day 15

I finished writing last night at like an hour to midnight, so I decided to save the excerpt post. I was tired and it was time for bed, but also I got through a pretty fun scene so that’s exciting! 😀

Sometimes, the members of this DID system need to have a one-on-one to get a better understanding of each other. Riddle happens to be very guarded and harder to understand by his own choosing, but he’s still a good Riddle, and Finn knows this. 

Word count: 30104


Finnraal gasped as his foot settled down on dry, dusty stone that he couldn’t have hoped to see. The annoyance that sparked all around him told him what he needed to know. He’d found Riddle at the bottom of the well, and the shadowy headmate didn’t want him there in the least.

“Whatcha doing down here, Finnraal?” Riddle’s voice came from all around and nowhere, and Finnraal had to control his breathing. Riddle knew everyone’s fears and admitted to none of his own.

He used to cause nightmares for Finnraal and Kala especially, and sometimes Azul too. At the time, it had felt like such a malicious thing. He’d always been so quick to remind Finnraal especially of his failings, of his fears, of his regrets. In the name of being practical, Riddle used to be as mean as they come.

It had taken a long time for Finnraal to understand why, and even then there were depths he hadn’t reached.

It was time to stop avoiding that.

NaNoWriMo Day 14

I’m hitting a bit of a mid month slump, but that’s nothing I can’t handle! I have a few ideas for how to get myself energized again, and as always I have a great cast of characters to help me through it, too.

Word Count: 28374


Azul glanced up and furrowed her brow. She hadn’t meant to come so close to the front, and her heart pounded. It felt strange to visit the body. It was bigger than what she felt like she should be, stronger. All the strength in her hands and she still feared what might happen. 

Verde was close, but she didn’t pay much attention to them at first. She glanced around the big underground room, lingering on the hanging lanterns. They weren’t as soft as the lanterns in the inner world, but they were still pretty.

The real world could be beautiful. Beautiful and terrifying.

NaNoWriMo Day 12

I was off to a slower start today, but then the characters sort of reminded me of the plot. It’s getting to be a lot of fun! Not that Finnraal thinks so.

Word Count: 25250


“I am, well, I’m a death god.”

Finnraal frowned. “Another death god?”

Percival replied with a shy smile and held up his hand with only his thumb tucked towards his palm. “I don’t blame you for not knowing, but I’m actually the fourth death god. But that is beside the point.”

NaNoWriMo Day 10

I attended my first Write In today! It was very chill. Basically imagine going to the library and working on writing and not really talking much to the people around you, but you’re all there for the same thing. That’s what the write in was like.

Word Count: 21340


They reached the bend in the tunnel and rounded it together, only to find that the visitor had backed off even further. He was several feet away, awkward in demeanor from his mussed, straw-colored hair to the worn leather boots that spoke of long travels on rocky roads. He wore a tunic that had long since faded from its original green dye work, and his trousers had a similar well traveled look.

Despite his rumpled style, though, the man had a face full of youth and health, much more befitting the noble origins of his clothes. Blue eyes regarded them with a sharp intelligence that contrasted with his shy stance.

“Ah. Hello,” he stammered. “I admit I’m a bit unsure of how to greet you.”

“Most people start with hello, so you’re off to a promising start,” Tarin said. In anyone else’s voice it might have been cutting sarcasm. In his, it was gentle and delivered without an ounce of teasing.

NaNoWriMo Day 9

I got done late ish last night and didn’t feel like making a post, but I actually  do have an excerpt from yesterday’s writing that I’m quite happy with. Things are really coming along! Just when I think the story might end up needing some more outlining, something new comes to mind and it keeps rolling right along! To the chagrin of several characters.

Word Count: 19316


The next time Finnraal woke, he sucked in a harsh gasp and sat up. His heart pattered briefly before confusion slowed it down again as he glanced around the room. Then, he groaned and rubbed at his face with both hands as if he might drag himself to full wakefulness.

He was back home, in the warren. He was clean, and shaven, and quite rested, and by the bronze-handed clock on the crate they used as a nightstand, it was well into the afternoon.

His stomach yowled in protest and he put both arms over it with a scoff. Someone had gotten him out of that situation and even cleaned up afterwards, but had gone right to bed without eating anything. He had to hope there was still something around he could have.

NaNoWriMo Day 8

I skate in before midnight on my timezone. I made it. Somehow. It was kind of a long week, so I procrastinated a bit. But! I had fun with some more new characters. Including another of Finnraal’s headmates, Kala.

Word count: 16800


Kala huffed out a sigh. “Riddle?”

“Um. No. I’m sorry, this is a bit tricky.”

She opened her mouth to respond, and then closed it again with a slight shake of the head. The voice wasn’t familiar at all. It didn’t belong to any of the headmates she knew. For a moment, she wondered if maybe someone else had been born after the stress of the day. It would explain why Finnraal was still impossible to reach.

Finally, she decided to be straightforward. “Who are you?”

“I’m. Well, my name is Percival,” that voice said. “I’m trying to contact you through a dream, but all I see is … I think it’s a well.”

“Then you’re not in my dream,” Kala said flatly. “If I’m sharing dreams with Riddle I’m going to scream.”

“Oh. Ah! I understand!”

NaNoWriMo Day 7

Ooof. Today was very busy, so I was late getting started on writing, and then of course it took me forever to reach my word count goal for the day. (I wrote yesterday, but didn’t make a post because I couldn’t find an excerpt I wanted to use).

Word Count: 14793


“And once you’ve discreetly passed things along, I want you to return to me for the final task,” Epitaph said, their voice clearly wrapping up the explanation. “Am I clear?”

“Clear as a mirror’s edge,” Finnraal replied. “Do I at least get a map?”

He did not get a map, but that wasn’t all too surprising. Finnraal found himself with cryptic instructions and a dismissal.

NaNoWriMo Day 5

Writing came easier today! I also made sure to leave off at a good spot that’ll make it really easy to start up again tomorrow. I’m happy with my progress thus far, considering I have no idea where this plot is going.

Also, Riddle is a really fun character, guys.

Word Count: 10456


Riddle shook his head. “Nah. Won’t be necessary. This gentleperson is going to flounce back into the crowd and find someone else to run his errands.”

“Do you even know who I am, half breed?”

Riddle blinked lazily. “No. And you don’t know me, either. We’re on even ground, which probably pisses you off something mighty, doesn’t it, full breed? Eugh, I can’t believe you made me say that. ‘Full breed.’ Full of hot air, maybe.”