A Little Change (8/?)

Back at last with more of the Size Swap AU! It’s been a long time since I could work on this one. The prompt challenge of 2018 really pushed other projects back a bit, but I haven’t forgotten the shenanigans here!


As they neared the ground at last, Bowman had to bank farther out and take a slow, controlled glide to the clearing. He didn’t have as much room to land as he usually did. Jacob kept that in mind as the impact of Bowman’s boots hitting the ground jolted all through him and the grip around his body tightened for an instant.

Bowman stumbled a few extra steps and wound up turning to fall to a seat before he could crash into a tree. Jacob found himself held close to the sprite’s chest again, and the heartbeat behind him pounded like a stampede.

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Anonymous Message

Hi amazing author!! Curious, do you have any plans to continue A Little Change? I really loved it and go back reread what you have so far all the time. No pressure or anything if you’re not feeling it anymore though!!

Aaa hello! You’re gonna make me blush with these compliments! ❤

As for A Little Change, I absolutely plan to continue it! I didn’t mean for it to fall to the side for so long, but that can happen sometimes when there are so many projects to juggle at once! Now that I’ve finished my writing prompt challenge and NaNoWriMo, I have more time to look at some of the stories I want to get back to. Especially this one because it’s way too fun.

A Little Change is a size swap story I started, featuring Bowman Leafwing and Jacob Andris. You can see what I have so far in my size swap tag!

Handheld Jacob


Please maybe chill?

A commission for @neonthebright of her characters Bowman (the tol) and Jacob (the smol) from her size swap AU. Gosh I love these dorks. “Your Character Here” commissions through ko-fi are still open and extremely affordable- get one of your own!

Characters belong to @neonthebright. Art belongs to me (@creatorofuniverses). @neonthebright is the only person with permission to repost this image anywhere.

(Seriously. Go get a pic like this with your character in it. You know you want to.)

For you fans of size swap, here’s a good view of what Jacob’s dealing with. The poor little guy. Bowman better make sure he doesn’t feel like he’ll fall!

A Little Change (7/?)

It’s been a while since Bowman decided to dive from the clouds with his tiny human in tow. I know it’s been a while, but with Camp NaNoWriMo, I was putting all my energy into making sure I made my goal. I should be able to get back to projects like this one more often now!

I really like this part. It’s so cute.


Jacob’s eyes were wide as a sense of weightlessness settled over him. Tucked next to Bowman’s heart, he could hear and feel the sprite’s excited pulse. The image of how high up they were stuck in his mind, even in the dim lighting Bowman allowed him.

Then they were falling and Jacob’s whole body froze.

Wind whipped past just outside the small haven Bowman made with his hands. Some gusts filtered past the huge fingers and whipped at him before they were gone again, and the water soaking his jacket became the least of Jacob’s worries. All he could think about was Bowman losing his grasp.

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A Little Change (6/?)

Back by popular demand, here’s the next bit of the size swap! Last time, Bowman decided to fly up as high as he could, with tiny Jacob in tow.

Poor Jacob.


Bowman laughed as he cleared the canopy in one powerful flap of his wings. His wings had grown with him, and the ground below was buffeted by a huge gust of wind from his powerful strokes. Soon, he was high above the trees where no other wood sprite would dare to go. Up here, he was at risk of a hawk spotting him.

With his new size, that wasn’t a concern at all. A hawk wouldn’t be able to snag him in its talons now.

Bowman flapped his wings as hard as he could to soar even higher, leaving the ground farther and farther behind him. The forest spread out around him in all directions, a field of dark green waving in gentle breezes. In the distance, he saw the crown of a tree taller than any other in the forest.

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A Little Change (5/?)

Last time saw Bowman considering a very very risky maneuver. That sprite just loves flying too blasted much! Let’s see if Jacob weighs in on it.


Bowman looked up again and his wings fanned open carefully. They had to adjust around the trunks of trees, but soon they were open like big green banners as Bowman watched the sunlight peek through the canopy.

“Uh. Bowman?” A little voice piped up from his hand. Bowman looked down and was newly aware of the tiny shifts and fidgets of the miniature human. He’d even felt the small tension in Jacob’s middle when he spoke up.

Jacob raised his eyebrows expectantly. “You are not thinking of flying, are you?”

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A Little Change/SPN Crossover?

I hadn’t really thought that far ahead! I bet the Winchesters (any set, if we consider the @brothersapart multiverse) would find this just as crazy as Bowman and Jacob do. Jacob would have even more mother henning to worry about while he’s so little, regardless of how big the Winchesters are!

Inspiration can come up and bite us at the most random times, so I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

How I imagine Dean would react to a tol Bowman: