A Little Change (1/?)


Oh my God yes. I’ve mused briefly about this before, but not for very long each time. Getting a prompt for it really made me want to try it. So try I did.

This is not the end of this little crack story.

The Fire Spirit didn’t often turn His focus on a sprite other than His own children. He and His siblings watched the sprites they lovingly made, answering their Prayers when they could. Even as the fire sprites all over the world asked for magic from the Lord of Change, and even as He answered, He couldn’t help but look in on one of His sister’s children.

A wood sprite had befriended a human. It wasn’t the strangest happening, but it always amused. Most of the Spirits couldn’t resist checking in on the pair from time to time.

This time, as the human trudged through the woods with the sprite flitting to and fro among the leaves that the Earth Spirit had designed him to match, the Fire Spirit had an idea. A sudden notion of mischief ran through His core. If He could smile, He would.

My sister will forgive me, little one, He thought as he reached out from the place where the Spirits lived. I hope you will, too. Nothing wrong with a little change.

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A Little Change (2/?)

Got a pretty great response to the first one, so it’s a good thing I kept on writing more. Time for a look at how Jacob saw that first few moments of the switch.


Jacob could swear he was on the set of a bizarre sci-fi movie. Tall, leafy ferns stood over his head. Thick leaves the size of throw blankets layered the damp ground. Blades of grass wider than several fingers stood in clumps all around him. Huge ants meandered past in a determined march as they sought out something to bring back to their den.

He stumbled away from them. Those ants were too big to be real. He blinked, and then looked past the nearest tall grass and plants. Things drifted into focus and he almost wished they hadn’t.

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A Little Change (3/?)

I had one or two people wondering when the next would come. Well, the wait is over. Here it is!


Jacob definitely understood why the sprite didn’t like being grabbed. He had no control at all right now. He wasn’t used to it. Dangling high above the ground, it was all he could do to focus on the billboard-sized face before him instead.

“Jacob … why are you sma–sprite-sized?” Bowman asked.

Jacob raised his eyebrows. Bowman’s voice was louder than he had ever heard it.  “Dude, how am I supposed to know? You’re the one who knows magic stuff.”

Bowman scoffed, and even that simple motion made Jacob sway in his pinch grip. “There’s no magic that I know of that would do this,” Bowman protested.

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Giant Sprite in Wellwood

>w>   You know I can’t resist having Bowman see a bunch of other sprites now that he’s the giant. After how vocal he is about the giants, it’s only right that he’d have to see what everything looks like from that height.

Rischa will be so surprised to see him that way, but she’ll make him let her walk on his hand. Bowman, with his teeny tiny cousin, perched on his palm like the most fragile glass figurine … he won’t have any idea what to do.

There’s no hiding from the nestlings, either. Bowman can show off his wings while the adults ponder what exactly happened to their resident dork.

A Little Change (4/?)

The shenanigans continue. Jacob really has no idea just what he’s gotten into with a giant Bowman.


Jacob winced and braced his hands more securely against Bowman’s grasp when the whole hand suddenly lurched upwards. Bowman held him before his face again, confusion clouding his expression. “See anything?”

“Haven’t really had a chance to look,” Jacob answered with a shrug. Bowman’s impatience was familiar, but much harder to deal with now. Normally he’d be flitting all around while Jacob was the one standing on the ground.

He twisted around in Bowman’s grip to get a better look of their surroundings. The ground didn’t look much different from what Jacob was used to. From up in the air, it looked as overgrown and springy as usual.

Nothing like the jungle it would be if Bowman were to put him down. He took a steeling breath and thanked whatever luck he had that he hadn’t been alone when he shrank down.

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A Little Change/SPN Crossover?

I hadn’t really thought that far ahead! I bet the Winchesters (any set, if we consider the @brothersapart multiverse) would find this just as crazy as Bowman and Jacob do. Jacob would have even more mother henning to worry about while he’s so little, regardless of how big the Winchesters are!

Inspiration can come up and bite us at the most random times, so I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

How I imagine Dean would react to a tol Bowman:


A Little Change (5/?)

Last time saw Bowman considering a very very risky maneuver. That sprite just loves flying too blasted much! Let’s see if Jacob weighs in on it.


Bowman looked up again and his wings fanned open carefully. They had to adjust around the trunks of trees, but soon they were open like big green banners as Bowman watched the sunlight peek through the canopy.

“Uh. Bowman?” A little voice piped up from his hand. Bowman looked down and was newly aware of the tiny shifts and fidgets of the miniature human. He’d even felt the small tension in Jacob’s middle when he spoke up.

Jacob raised his eyebrows expectantly. “You are not thinking of flying, are you?”

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A Little Change (6/?)

Back by popular demand, here’s the next bit of the size swap! Last time, Bowman decided to fly up as high as he could, with tiny Jacob in tow.

Poor Jacob.


Bowman laughed as he cleared the canopy in one powerful flap of his wings. His wings had grown with him, and the ground below was buffeted by a huge gust of wind from his powerful strokes. Soon, he was high above the trees where no other wood sprite would dare to go. Up here, he was at risk of a hawk spotting him.

With his new size, that wasn’t a concern at all. A hawk wouldn’t be able to snag him in its talons now.

Bowman flapped his wings as hard as he could to soar even higher, leaving the ground farther and farther behind him. The forest spread out around him in all directions, a field of dark green waving in gentle breezes. In the distance, he saw the crown of a tree taller than any other in the forest.

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