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enby-phoenix: My college theatre is putting on a collection of short plays (I’m actually backstage as I send this) and in one of them there’s a character who has the same no touching thing as Adrian. I keep thinking of you and your writing every time I see him.

Awww thanks! I love when people think back on my writing. 🙂 Adrian and his touch-aversion has a buddy! They can not-highfive about it.

Have fun with the show!

One Nightmare at a Time


Adrian, snatch

Tried something a little different with this one. ;w; Poor Adrian doesn’t get a lot of attention, but he sure does deserve it! If only he could stand being hugged …

AU: A Little More Trust, set after the ending

The dream always goes the same way, when it comes. Tonight is no different.

Adrian ventures out of his cozy home in the walls, one he made himself. He wants to find more pictures to stick to the walls, images of landscapes and buildings and faraway places he’d never see if not for the invention of the camera. He wants to see it all, but he’s content with seeing it from a magazine.

He always makes it to his exit from the walls faster than he would in real life. That’s the perk of dreams. They get the mind right to the point of the matter.

For Adrian, the point is always waiting just beyond that exit.

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No Harm In Wishing


Adrian – Wish.

Viri!Adrian from the A Little More Trust AU.

Reading Time: <5 Minutes

Keen blue eyes skated over the tall poster fixed to the wall with thick pushpins. The image was of a sunny photograph of a place labeled The Parthenon, located in Athens, Greece along with the name of the photographer. Those names meant nothing to Adrian; he didn’t know the person and he wouldn’t be able to find Greece on a map if it wasn’t labeled.

Even so, Adrian wished he could see this ‘Parthenon’ in person.

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