Pantheon Spotlight: The Four

The Four are the gods of the four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Each of these gods has a titan of the same element, gifts from Nature itself for their stewardship. The Four and their titans have begotten several notable demigods, some of which I will list here.

Cora, god of water, and her titan Purin

  • Naia, patron of rivers and lakes
  • Vorin, patron of fish and sea
  • Helban, patron of the deep
  • Tetro, patron of voyagers

Matton, god of fire, and his titan Basa

  • Edra, patron of scorched sands

Sil, god of air, and her titan Vant

  • Mervena, patron of fell wind

Kuro, god of earth, and his titan Liera

  • Yarrow, patron of trees and flowers
  • Xepher, patron of animals
  • Fiorebell, patron of plants and growth (deceased)

Kuro(god of earth) and Basa(titan of fire)

  • Ulain, patron of volcanoes

Letters from Camp

What’s this? A letter from camp two days in a row? I made some decent progress today and mainly I’m doing this one because I love one of the interactions I managed to write, so I’m going to excerpt it. I’m well on track to finish the goal early, too, which is exciting indeed!

Word Count: 14763 / 20000


Aaron nodded. “Yup, Basa lives in there. Never met the gal myself but I hear she’s, predictably, a fiery personality.”

“I have met,” Calista piped up, appearing near Aaron all of a sudden. She had that talent of hers for popping up anywhere, Ness had noticed. She hardly left a trail in the sand with her light steps. “If She hears you call ‘gal’, I hope to see this conversation,” she said with a laugh. At night, without her sun goggles, her bright eyes almost glowed, and now they were upturned with glee.

Aaron shrugged while Ness raised an eyebrow at him. “What, I can’t talk like I’d normally do just because She’s a Titan?”

“She is the mother of volcanoes and scorched sands,” Calista said bemusedly. “Her steps can turn the dunes into glass.”