Beggars Can’t Be Choosers (3/3)

Time to finally see what Castiel thinks about those Winchesters messing with the little guy he swore to protect.

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Oscar looked up and sucked in a breath. Standing in the middle of the room where there had been no one before, was another human (or someone who merely looked like one). He wasn’t as giant as Sam, though he was tall on his own, especially compared to Oscar. He wore a tan trench coat over a rumpled dress shirt and slacks, and his tie was as unkempt and disheveled as his unruly black hair.

Sam and Dean both sat up straight as Castiel, Angel of the Lord, looked their way. Sam’s jaw clenched and Dean’s brow furrowed with pure bewilderment.

There was a long pause. Oscar breathed quickly and stared, hardly able to fathom that merely praying had made Castiel appear. Just as he’d appeared and then disappeared when Oscar first met him.

“Sam, Dean,” Castiel greeted, his brow set in cautious confusion.

“Cas, what’re you doing–” Dean didn’t have time to finish his question before the angel strode over to the table. He stopped right next to it, looming over Sam and Dean as much as Oscar.

Oscar tilted his head back to keep staring at Castiel’s face. He exuded that same otherworldliness that he did the last time. Oscar had almost forgotten what a strange feeling that was, but his thoughts were caught on one thing.

He knows them? They know him?!

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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers (2/3)

Back again with Oscar and the Winchester brothers! Last time it left of right as Dean returned to make Oscar’s life even more stressful. He really could use some help. Reminder that this story is split into chapter-length portions.

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Dean’s cocky, gruff voice rang out as he let the door slam behind him. “Would you believe there was not a single barfly hanging around–Sammy. What are you doing?”

Sam took his focus off of Oscar for only a moment to answer. “Dude. There’s something under the dresser.”

Dean scoffed somewhere high above and out of sight, but his boots stomped closer. Oscar flinched with every step. “What? Are you seriously freaking out over a mouse?”

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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers (1/3)

I had to return to the fun little AU in which Oscar met Castiel, Angel of the Lord. And, inevitably, I had to see how Oscar would fare with the rest of Team Free Will.

I split it into fairly large pieces (chapter length each). The DA Link above is for people who don’t want to read all that while scrolling tumblr.

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Oscar was out of breath by the time he returned home. His frantic glances gave his house in the walls a warped, scary appearance. Normally, home was safe. It was drafty at times and he couldn’t let dust collect for more than a day before it overran him, but it was home. He could go there after a day of foraging supplies and sit on his ring box chair to sew or burrow into his blanket nest to sleep.

Now, he couldn’t stay. It wouldn’t remain safe for long.

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