A Friendly Neighborhood


It also has a sister prompt, found here!

I chose Jacob Andris for this one. The number corresponds to “Ice Cream”, which was a tough one to place until @nightmares06 gave me a suggestion. This takes place when Jacob is 14, in the Supernatural AU that she and I collaborated on, Brothers Adopted (find out more about it here).

Reading Time: ~5-10 minutes

Jacob had been drawn outside to the tinny sound of the ice cream van, along with a gaggle of other youth ranging from his mid-teen age to a couple kids barely past the toddler stage, clutching their mothers’ hands and pointing out what they wanted from the colorful menu splashed on the side of the van. His mom was out, so she couldn’t even try to discourage him from indulging in something for himself.

They were on vacation; weren’t they supposed to be treating themselves a little?

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Watching the World Go By


Jacob – Rain.

With an unspeaking appearance from @nightmares06‘s cursed Sam Winchester from our collaborative Supernatural AU, Brothers Adopted.

Reading Time: ~10 minutes

Jacob wasn’t allowed to venture off on his own. It hadn’t even been a year since his curse, and the size of everything could still stop him in his tracks sometimes to stare. The thimble they used for water should be too small to fit on his thumb, but he could dip both hands in it. Sam’s climbing hook was fit for a hefty backup weapon if he ever lost his silver knife, when normally it should be pinched in a couple fingers.

Jacob was small, and he wasn’t used to the way everything around him had gotten so huge, so harsh, so loud.

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