Character Profile: Scar Wolfblind



Name:  Scar Wolfblind

Age: 37 (In present day of Sam of Wellwood)

Height: 3.75″

Species: Wood Sprite

Eye Color: Dark green

Hair Color: Dark green

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Master of strategizing against much larger foes, sword master, aerial acrobatics, basic Prayer to the Earth Spirit, able to keep a battle calm against tough enemies

Background: Scar is the High Knight of Wellwood, and he didn’t get his position lying around. In his early years as a knight, he showed aptitude and skill with the sword and a strong drive to protect the sprites from the dangers that might arrive in the forest. This drive aided in his fight against a wolf that had killed a few sprites, and the animal was left completely blind as a result. Scar earned his name as well as monumental respect from the others in the village.

In Sam of Wellwood, it was Scar who first found the lost and frightened young Sam Winchester directly after his curse. He brought the boy back to the village and soon after was driven to help him find his family. When Sam grew a little older, Scar noticed his strength and drive to make more of himself, and from then on took Sam under his wing as a new knight in training.

Quote: The enemy is strong, and he is dangerous, but he will be strong and dangerous whether we cower and doubt ourselves or fly out to meet him.

I know what I’d rather do!

Artwork by @mogadeer

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This is actually a pretty straightforward question. The sprites don’t follow any traditions/beliefs pertaining to a menstrual cycle, because they don’t have one. Despite appearances, they are not closely related to the Great Ape family, and that’s actually one of the only types of mammal that has a cycle.

Sprites, all of my sprites, are Spirit-made, so even though they look a lot like humans there are a handful of biological differences (in the case of the wood sprites, they’re actually part plant so that right there opens up a bunch of differences).

Jacob, explaining this to Dean in Brothers Asunder:

Jacob frowned, feeling a little like a bad guy for what he was suggesting. But, as the only one good to drive the car, he knew that he had some room to insist. Dean needed the rest. Another glance down at Bowman showed that he needed it, too.

It also gave Jacob an idea. He reached out and gently scooped his hand under Bowman. The sprite flopped over on his hand before sitting up sluggishly, blinking slowly. His wings hung slack.

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