A Good Hunter



(Jacob, Mouse)

AU: Brothers Lost

Timeline: After The Water’s Fine

The old house creaked and groaned, constantly settling as the wind outside tested its strength. Jacob crept through the main hall, his boots muffled by a dusty rug that had been traversed many times over the years. The house truly was old, so much so that its wiring was shaky at best, and anything electronic didn’t fit in with the decor.

Jacob kept his flashlight trained on the ground as he walked, and his eyes flickered from side to side. He normally had two small companions on either shoulder, giving him input on where he should go.

They’d led him to this house, this old old place, and that was as far as he’d gotten with their guidance. Old floorboards and walls meant lots of passages within the woodwork of the home to explore. As the only ones that could fit in there, Sam and Dean were the best choice. Sam was only four inches tall, and Dean was a little smaller, but that had yet to slow them down.

Sam and Dean Winchester were hunters, and it ran in the family. After so long thinking their lives had crashed into a dead end in a little motel in Kansas, they were back on the job with a determination to rival anyone. While helping them look for their dad, a hunter who had dropped of the map a couple years back, Jacob was learning the trade as well.

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Waking Up Tired


Where we left off with Brothers Lost, Sam, Dean, and Jacob left behind a house once haunted by the littlest ghost ever. Here’s a little update on what’s going on with Dean’s favorite resident of the walls in that house, a special treat to start the new year off right!

Melanie awoke to a shuffling in her home. She blinked her eyes slowly, staring around in brief confusion while her mind took its time waking up. There was some weak light filtering in, courtesy of a strategically placed seam in the wallpaper of the humans’ “guest room”. It illuminated the tidy little house she kept.

It took her a moment to register that someone else was in the house with her. Their back was turned as they brushed dust off of a doll’s vanity chest that she kept to one side of her home.

She sat up sluggishly in her bed so she could better see out of its alcove. The curtain separating it from the main room of the house was drawn aside, and she could swear it hadn’t been when she went to sleep. “Mom, what are you doing over here?” she croaked, lifting a hand to rub at her eyes and yawn.

Her mother turned to offer a bemused grin. “Sweetie, you were going to come and visit us today. Did you oversleep?” She made her way over to stand at the end of the bed.

Melanie yawned again and patted her hair ruefully. “I’ve been tired all week,” she admitted.

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Brothers Lost First Meeting


The pie that led Dean there in the first place vanished into the depths of the mini-fridge, forever out of reach for anyone his size. The way the fridge was designed with the airtight seal rendered it beyond their ability to open. If they could ever find a way to get in, getting to the food itself would be child’s play. The hooks they used for climbing would catch on the shelves and railings of the fridge without a problem. Dean’s bag was bigger than Sam’s, and he used every bit of that space when they were out searching for supplies. If he could fill it with food that he knew went to waste in the motel’s mini refrigerators …

Dean stared back up at the human’s words, his face clouded. The entire reason he was in the room was now out of reach, and he realized it always had been. He’d put both himself and Sam at risk for it. The only shining light was Sam evading capture. If their roles were reversed, he’d never forgive himself.

As he always did, Dean put his trademark snark to good use building a wall around his emotions. “If you didn’t go causing earthquakes with your big stomping feet, I wouldn’t have to be a ninja,” he griped up at Jacob, letting years and years worth of resentment shine through in his tone with a convenient target for it in sight. His voice bounced back at him from the glass, only fueling his frustration. “You left the pie out, that made it fair game.”

“Is that so,” Jacob answered through a chuckle that he poorly concealed. It was very difficult for him not to find that teeny tiny glare and endless sass entertaining. Whoever this guy was, whatever he was, he was funny. Jacob really hoped they could come around to some kind of understanding soon.

Excerpt from The Road Not Taken

Artwork by @lamthetwickster