Letters from Camp

I did it! Technically I finished the goal last night, but I was too tired to try to come up with an excerpt or anything. I made my word count goal and I got the story on its way in a proper direction, I think, so next time I try to work on it I’ll really have something to do. It feels so good to have made a goal, even a modest one like mine!

Word Count: 20043 / 20000


She fought a goddess? ” Ness signed haltingly.

Vale nodded solemnly. “I’ve seen some of the history books that Calista’s people kept from back then. There are some records from the time the Solians and humans both occupied the desert, and back then this was big news.”

“Not a lot of people can go up against a god like she did and not make it into the books,” Aaron agreed. “This lady is supposed to be mad powerful.”

Ness huffed to show his exasperation. “So why do you care about her? If she’s locked away, shouldn’t she stay that way?

Letters From Camp

Two days in a row! Wow! Mostly I wrote a neat lore thing today that I wanted to show off in an excerpt. Also, since the letter yesterday didn’t include yesterday’s count, it looks like I made a more impressive jump. ;D

Word Count: 4159/20000


“Many of my people–desert dwellers before exiles came–use hand-speak.” Calista pointed at the side of her head. “Many born who can’t hear.”

After a pause, he mimicked her gesture and pointed at his ear before signing, “Can’t hear? Why?

Calista grinned at him, like a teacher whose pupil has stumbled upon the perfect question. “Our magic,” she answered, shifting where she sat to face him better. Her eyes were alight with interest now. This was her area of expertise. “My people can sometimes move magic within our bodies instead of outside. We are descend from humans who mingle with Solians, but our bodies are not made the same as the magic folk. Sometimes we are without one sense because our magic takes that part our heads.” She tapped at her temple and finished with a proud look.

Letters from Camp

I didn’t write anything yesterday. I was lazy and it’s also a real scorching week, which makes for an excellent excuse to not do anything at all slow writing. I wrote a little more than I needed today to make up for it, though! So that’s fun.

Word Count: 16006 / 20000


Aaron threw his hands up in exasperation. “I swear this woman has no respect for me at all. Are you getting that sense? Do you see it, Ness?”

Ness shrugged.

Aaron heaved a world-weary sigh. “Me against the world,” he lamented, and Ness rolled his eyes. But he let Aaron and Calista lead him through the archway into the city.

Letters from Camp

What’s this? A letter from camp two days in a row? I made some decent progress today and mainly I’m doing this one because I love one of the interactions I managed to write, so I’m going to excerpt it. I’m well on track to finish the goal early, too, which is exciting indeed!

Word Count: 14763 / 20000


Aaron nodded. “Yup, Basa lives in there. Never met the gal myself but I hear she’s, predictably, a fiery personality.”

“I have met,” Calista piped up, appearing near Aaron all of a sudden. She had that talent of hers for popping up anywhere, Ness had noticed. She hardly left a trail in the sand with her light steps. “If She hears you call ‘gal’, I hope to see this conversation,” she said with a laugh. At night, without her sun goggles, her bright eyes almost glowed, and now they were upturned with glee.

Aaron shrugged while Ness raised an eyebrow at him. “What, I can’t talk like I’d normally do just because She’s a Titan?”

“She is the mother of volcanoes and scorched sands,” Calista said bemusedly. “Her steps can turn the dunes into glass.”

Letters from Camp

Getting my writing out of the way early today! Somehow I slept very late and then woke up thinking there was no way I’d get much writing done today. Then I sat myself down and some words happened, enough for me to call it a good day. Hooray!

Word Count: 14115 / 20000


Ness hadn’t learned very much sign yet from the others in the group, but they did teach him the alphabet. With slow, halting movements that Calista watched with a surprising patience, he asked her, “You … c r o s s … o f t e n”, raising his eyebrows to make it a question.

Calista shook her head. “I do not, but others do. I am keep at home for safety. Don’t want them to know we have warlocks.”

That brought up many questions, but Ness pointed out towards the desert and signed, “H o m e?

Her face was covered, but Ness could swear the enigmatic woman was smiling. “No place like,” she replied. “You will see.”

Letters from Camp

Whew, I’ve had a pretty lethargic couple of days. Monday I didn’t even do any writing at all, shame on me! But, despite this, I’m still well on track and I’m soon to get to yet another character introduction.

Word Count: 11045 / 20000


Then, the ground just in front of Calista, dry as a bone seconds before, darkened with moisture. Droplets of water formed like condensation, to slowly pull away from the ground entirely. The small patch of earth that Calista had chosen rained backwards, a trickle at first, then growing to an up-pour of water that she gathered between her hands like a solid orb. Vague glowing marks shone through the wraps on her arms and the mask on her face as she continued her magic, Ness and the others watching in awe.

Letters from Camp

I’m still keeping up every day, though today I only got about 800 words in. I was out shopping and also taking walks because Pokemon Go is a serious distraction (Team Mystic represent). I’ve finally gotten to introduce a character that I’ve been wanting to write about for long before I ever signed on to do this camp thing. Very exciting!

Word Count: 9172 / 20000


“No tricks like that again, Remi, or I’ll break your fuckin’ hands,” the prisoner spat. Ness rubbed at his wrist and stared at the slot. Those eyes glared out, and with the unspoken order the blade was pulled from the door and stowed again. Even Calista watched with surprised eyes.

“We’re gonna give this fella his chance, aren’t we? Since you two agreed to it anyway. We’re supposed to be better than the Korvasinians, right?” that voice continued, steady and commanding. Whoever this was had sway over the bandits despite being locked in a box. “Go on, kid.”