Letters from Camp

It’s the final letter from camp! I made my goal (technically I made it last night, but I was tired so no update then), and I think I got through some important plot stuff in all this. There were some times where I kind of hedged on what order I wanted to do things next, but I got there in the end and that’s what counts! To celebrate, I’m going to give my favorite excerpt out of this whole run (I saved it for the end).

Final Word Count: 20067 / 20000


“Gods, Eral, you’re okay, right?” Elias said, more quietly. He leaned down and tilted his head, the better to scan Eral’s few inches. Even as he loomed overhead, Eral appreciated his open and honest concern. “That guy looked ready to–”

“Please don’t finish that thought,” Eral interrupted, raising an eyebrow. “Trust me, I don’t need the visual.”

Elias winced, but a moment later he seemed to compose himself. He reached out and, before Eral could balk away, gently pinched his thumb and first finger on Eral’s cheeks. “Got it, bud,” he said with a growing grin. “No talk of smushing.”

Letters from Camp

So close to my goal. Oh my lord I am so pumped to have actually come this far! I wasn’t sure I would make it with camp this time, what with all my other writing commitments. The story has been so much fun, too, and today I wrote an exchange that I love way too much not to share.

Word Count: 18142 / 20000


“A mermaid walking around on the land, casting spells? There must be something about that,” Joleth added.

Elias sighed distractedly as he thought. “She hops,” he said.

Eral frowned. “Wait. She hops?”

Elias nodded. “Well, yeah. You saw her tail. Not very good for a two-step.”

Eral huffed. “Well, yeah,” he echoed in irritation. “I saw it. But she had legs before your mom wiped the spell away!”

“Illusions,” Elias said. “And it’s a shame they aren’t real. They look nice.”

Joleth made a noise somewhere between a thoughtful hum and a grunt of agreement. “You have some kind of history with her, don’t you?”

Elias flashed a grin that was entirely too unashamed, all things considered.

Letters from Camp

I’ve made a lot of progress and I’m so close to reaching my goal for camp! I’ve been having way too much fun playing around with other fae concepts for Eral to be completely Exasperated about.

Word Count:  17342 / 20000


“Yeah, well, I don’t know what I’m looking for here, so until I find it, I should probably just keep an eye out, right?” Elias said back, lifting Eral to eye level while he paused. Joleth glanced over from her own curious browsing of the books.

Eral shrugged. “Wandering aimlessly in fairy-controlled territory, even just a free library? Honestly, Elias, didn’t anyone tell you fairy tales growing up? That’s a good way to lose a century without even noticing it.”

Letters from Camp

I totally didn’t forget to do any of these the last several days … ;>>  I’ve been making good progress, though. After each writing session I keep closing everything down before remembering to do an excerpt (or sometimes I even forgot to update my count on the website, ugh).

Word Count: 15388 / 20000


The scribe actually stopped thumping around. He turned his glowing green gaze upon Eral, and though his face was gnarled and tough to read, he was like an amused grandfather with a young child. “I am the scribe,” he confirmed in his creaky voice. “And I will inscribe things. The spell will help me, young one. Have the patience not to fade away from boredom, if you can.”

“I’m not gonna fade!” Eral shot back. “I’m just not big on waiting around for someone after they already zapped me away without so much as a ‘pardon me’!”

The treant bobbed his head to the side in acknowledgement. “Pardon me,” he said, before getting right back to his spell preparations.

Letters from Camp

I had a lot of fun with this one today. I actually made myself stop in the middle of a fun scene so tomorrow I’ll have a place to get some early momentum going and keep it up. Things are coming along, and our odd trio of heroes is ready to find more trouble.

Word Count: 10696 / 20000


“An inn, a trade post, and … what is that, a stable?” Elias counted off, noting the few buildings built under the looming watch of the library. Many of them had smaller huts nearby, presumably for their caretakers to rest every night. “Horseshoes on every door. That’s folksy.”

Eral scoffed. “Iron horseshoes. Blackberry wreaths everywhere, too. Do I need to point out the rowan branches for you as well? They’re fairy wards, dumbass.”

Elias raised his eyebrows. “Fair enough, Eral. Will you … be able to get into the inn and stuff?”

Letters from Camp

Back again! I’m making some progress, getting some Plot to happen. 😀

Word Count: 9866 / 20000


They crested a hill in the afternoon and finally spotted it. In the distance, a large, curving building stood out against the landscape. A settlement of sorts had formed around it, and the shining blue of a pond could be seen nearby. They would reach the place within the hour at the pace they were going.

It was time again to think about what they would do at the entrance to the library. Eral had never minded playing fast and loose with planning ahead, but dealing with other fae was a rare exception.

Letters from Camp

Time for another letter from camp! I decided to skip a scene to get moving on the plot I have planned out. It worked well, as I ended up doing a little extra today because I kicked my motivation into gear.

Word Count: 8384 / 20000


“I know sailing!” Eral chimed in. All eyes (except Joleth’s, as he was perched on her head and any movement might send him tumbling) turned to him and his wings buzzed pointedly. “I spent months on a boat at one point.”

“And I’m sure you helped tie all the riggings yourself,” Joleth muttered. Eral kicked her to shut her up.

Letters from Camp

Missed a few days for excerpts, but writing actually happened on those days. I was just too frazzled to post about them! As it is, I had a lot of fun with that sequence and even if I change some things about it, I’m proud of my newish character XD  Joleth took some big steps in this scene.

Word Count: 6862 / 20000


The oracle’s guard stepped into the sparring circle to congratulate their newest member on her successful induction. Some clapped her on the back, though the contact was brief, and even that seemed to go forgiven in the wake of Joleth’s happiness and relief.

She belonged. No one among that crowd of elite fighters had doubted her ability to join their ranks, and she’d proven it by calling her weapon to her hand as easily as waving a fly away.

Letters from Camp

Got some more good stuff done today! I’m having fun with the formal shindig, still. Plot things!

Word Count: 4648 / 20000


Eral almost missed one of the temple attendants approaching him. He balked and waited for the shy-looking woman to shoo him away from the seats of honor. Instead, she smiled at him.

“Sir pixie,” she greeted. “Do you require any refreshments before the proceedings?”

Eral was nonplussed. Sir godsdamn pixie. Wild. He blinked a few times before shaking his head. “Nah, I don’t need any refreshments,” he assured her. “If I get thirsty I’ll just borrow someone else’s glass.”

Letters from Camp

Today went much better than yesterday, motivation wise! I had fun thinking about Elias getting into his formal wear for once lol. He knows he looks good.

Word Count: 3827 / 20000


He turned his head side to side as he examined himself in his mirror. With a minor effort of will, his hair shortened into an easier to style length, which he then ran a hand through to push it back casually.

“Damn, I make looking good look good!” he announced, whirling to his door to step out into the common area.

Eral was there already, looking bored but also appropriately dressed for a fancy occasion. His eyebrows went up. “You actually have nice clothes that you’ll tolerate?” he said in mock disbelief. “I’m surprised you haven’t even tried to tug the collar off. It’s been, what, thirty whole seconds since you had to be presentable?”