Letters from Camp

I did it! Technically I finished the goal last night, but I was too tired to try to come up with an excerpt or anything. I made my word count goal and I got the story on its way in a proper direction, I think, so next time I try to work on it I’ll really have something to do. It feels so good to have made a goal, even a modest one like mine!

Word Count: 20043 / 20000


She fought a goddess? ” Ness signed haltingly.

Vale nodded solemnly. “I’ve seen some of the history books that Calista’s people kept from back then. There are some records from the time the Solians and humans both occupied the desert, and back then this was big news.”

“Not a lot of people can go up against a god like she did and not make it into the books,” Aaron agreed. “This lady is supposed to be mad powerful.”

Ness huffed to show his exasperation. “So why do you care about her? If she’s locked away, shouldn’t she stay that way?

Letters from Camp

Sooo, I always forget to do a letter this time around. I really like doing them, but they seem to keep slipping my mind. I’m well on track, despite 3 days without doing any writing, though, so no worries on that front. For today’s excerpt, have some of Aaron teaching Ness how to do PARKOUR.

Word Count: 17516 / 20000


Aaron saluted Ness with his first two fingers before turning towards the alleyway. He took a deep breath in, and then bolted towards the crates.

Ness eyed his footwork as he launched himself up in the first leap. Just like he said he would, Aaron kept his forward momentum as he moved. As soon as he cleared the first crate and his feet touched down on top of it, he was jumping again, this time onto a higher crate.

The third leap was sideways, and the master thief had to twist his body and throw his arms upwards to catch the edge of the roof at the top of his arc. His grip held fast and he planted his boots soundlessly against the wall.

Letters from Camp

Hello again. Here’s another update on my progress!  I flagged a bit in the last few days, but considering I got way ahead of my word count early on, I’m still on track to finish well within the deadline. Things are heating up in the story, now that I have something of a plot to latch onto. Of course, I had to get Ness into a little trouble first.

Word Count: 13329 / 20000


His lantern fell from his hand, but it didn’t matter as the thing that grabbed him emitted its own glow. Ness squeezed his eyes shut against the sudden brightness and put his hands on whatever was coiled around his waist. As he scrabbled at it, his mind frantically put together an idea. He didn’t want to believe it.

It felt like a hand.

A hand with fingers as long as one of his arms, but a hand nonetheless.

Ness opened his eyes to look up at his captor and found a metal behemoth, easily 20 feet tall, stooped down so it could reach him. The shining gold metal matched that of the lock he’d just broken into. It was shaped like a human, though the curves and angles of the body were covered with elegant carvings and sharp blades. The joints seemed to be connected by tendons made of the night sky, appearing all the darker in contrast to the glowing metal casing.

A giant metal golem made of sunforged steel.

Letters from Camp

Keeping up with the goal is still proving to be a doable challenge. I was so tired all weekend and still managed to get some things done. Haven’t done any yet for today, but who cares, right? Who doesn’t want a letter from camp?!

Word Count: 9203/20000


“Lady Stride,” one of the guards at the door greeted her. Leah nodded patiently, and the man gave her a stiff bow at the waist. “It’s been some time since we saw you passing this way. Not since before Festival Day, I believe.”

She smiled. Last time, she had met with Aaron to pass along all the information she had gathered, and he had updated her on the state of things out in the desert. As far as the guard knew, she’d had a simple stroll up the waterfront to see a family friend in Northcrown.

“Things have been busy in the Higher Perches,” she admitted, raising one eyebrow conspiratorially. “You’re not looking for gossip, I trust?”

Letters from Camp

So I’ve definitely been neglecting to make these posts this week. It’s been a weird one for remembering things. Work has been crazy, but! I’ve still been getting writing done! It just so happens that usually after I get done I am so ready to get off the computer that I do that without making a note of my progress or finding an excerpt. I’ll do two this time just to make up for it.

Word Count: 8052/20000

Excerpt 1: 

Aaron smirked. “Vale has a mission that he’s asked me to put together. I think having you on the team for this one would make it a lot more possible than not, if you understand me. It’s not gonna be an easy one regardless.”

Ness pursed his lips. Like always, he let his face do the talking for him. He was skeptical, but still listening.

Aaron tapped the map on the table and nodded for Ness to come closer. “We want to break into Fora Prison.”

Excerpt 2:

“The advisors speaking to my brother had him convinced that we, our father’s heirs, were cursed. That we were destined to battle and break the kingdom. When he told me about these things, I assured him that I would always stand by him. I had nothing but love and esteem for my brother and his decisiveness in what matters came before him.”

Loyalty isn’t always enough, not with certain people.”

Letters From Camp

Two days in a row! Wow! Mostly I wrote a neat lore thing today that I wanted to show off in an excerpt. Also, since the letter yesterday didn’t include yesterday’s count, it looks like I made a more impressive jump. ;D

Word Count: 4159/20000


“Many of my people–desert dwellers before exiles came–use hand-speak.” Calista pointed at the side of her head. “Many born who can’t hear.”

After a pause, he mimicked her gesture and pointed at his ear before signing, “Can’t hear? Why?

Calista grinned at him, like a teacher whose pupil has stumbled upon the perfect question. “Our magic,” she answered, shifting where she sat to face him better. Her eyes were alight with interest now. This was her area of expertise. “My people can sometimes move magic within our bodies instead of outside. We are descend from humans who mingle with Solians, but our bodies are not made the same as the magic folk. Sometimes we are without one sense because our magic takes that part our heads.” She tapped at her temple and finished with a proud look.

Letters From Camp

I haven’t even done my writing for today, but I figured I should do a post since I skipped it the first two days! With july upon me again, I thought it would be good to revisit the story I did for Camp NaNoWriMo last year. It’s interesting coming back to it after a year and knowing all the things I’ve learned since then. Hopefully the story flows as easily as it did the first round!

Word Count: 2030/20000


Ness didn’t even have a voice to speak to anyone he might find out there.

He glanced down at his hands. They were callused and worn, and they were practiced in an alphabet of hand-speak. They would have to be his voice.

The intriguing thought drew him to open that door at last and step out into the afternoon.