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Anonymous Asked: How would things have gone if Lord Scar or Lord Cerul had been the first sprite to meet/encounter Jacob?

What an interesting thing to think about!

If it was Scar meeting Jacob first, he’d have several of his knights waiting out of sight in the trees. At the first signal from him, they’d be ready to swarm a mischievous giant with their little swords. He would learn very quickly not to grab at sprites! And he’d probably be scolded quite soundly into listening. Scar takes no nonsense.

Cerul might still get grabbed, if we’re honest. Jacob can be grabby at first. However, instead of snarking up a storm at him, Cerul would end up taking a much calmer, more diplomatic approach. He would be able to tell that Jacob means no harm with his actions, giant or not. He would explain a bit about why that’s not a good way to make a first impression, how dangerous it can be if he makes a move too hastily, and request that he not do that again. Jacob is respectful enough that he’d probably listen.

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Ask Game part 2

The ask game continues! Here’s the next batch from over on tumblr.

Anonymous asked: jacob, have you ever had a negative interaction with any of the sprites that still haven’t warmed up to you? how did it go if you have?

“Nothing like a huge panic … but I have definitely startled some of ‘em once or twice. One sprite came whipping around a tree at one point and screamed when he saw me. I think the poor dude was pretty embarrassed about it, but it’s not like I’m gonna tell all the other sprites what happened. I’m a giant to them, I get why they’d be scared.”

Anonymous asked: For our big teddy bear Jacob: why is your necklace so special to you? Where’d you get it?

“Ah, this is … when I was a little kid, like five or something, my dad went home to Greece for a bit. I guess since I was upset I couldn’t go, he promised to bring something back for me. He probably bought it from some local artist that makes stuff like this for tourists and stuff, but I got super attached to it. Especially after he got sick. It keeps him close.”

Indigomasquerade97 asked: Okay, Jacob. We all know you have been exposing your exasperated winged friend to the chaos that is humanity. Have you ever exposed him to any video games? And if so, what are his (and your) favorite games to play?

“Ha, well, one of the first times I ever hung out with Bowman, he actually saw me fiddling around with my buddy’s DS. Bowman thought it was some kind of animal at first until I showed him how it worked.

“It took me a while to get him to actually try the thing himself, but I did borrow the game to bring it back just to see. I think he likes puzzle games better, since they don’t require timing and Bowman gets frustrated when he can’t reach the right buttons fast enough. He seems to have fun with the touch screen though. His wings get all twitchy.”

Anonymous asked: Hey hey, Bowman, we all know Jacob’s a really calm and gentle guy, but what do you and the other wood sprites think of him eating meat, and maybe hunting animals while in the woods with you and about humans being omnivores in general?

“Well. Just because I don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean something else can’t. There’s a lot of things in the forest that are way less … I dunno, respectful about it than Jacob is, I guess. He goes away from the village when he’s going to eat anything. I’m just glad humans don’t eat sprites.”

Anonymous asked: My best friend wanted to ask you, Bowman: have you ever had ice cream?

“Ice scream? I’ve yelled when my friends throw snow on my wings. That’s the worst feeling! But I always get them back for it.”

Anonymous asked: hey bowman, has jacob told you about human myths/fairy tales/etc?

“Yes. I can’t believe how close and yet far away you humans are from the truth. At least maybe it helps keep you out of sprite business!”

Anonymous asked: Buddy boy Bowman, how much do you know about Jacob’s family? Would you ever want to meet them?

“I know his mother is really nice, and his father died. It would have been interesting to meet his dad, since apparently Jacob tries all the time to be just like him. I’d have to give him some feedback. Or maybe I’d have to bop them both, depending.

“I might meet his mother and her new mate someday? But I’m not rushing into even more giants knowing about me or anything.”

Anonymous asked: Lord Cerul, hi! In the BoW book, when Bowman first reports of giants who he believed were carnivores, and the elder who was present told legends of humans eating and caging sprites, you were the first who was willing to give us a chance and thought we might be reasonable despite this. Why is that, sir?

“Ah. I suppose I have a few reasons. Wellwood has stood for a long time, and I’ve no doubt that the sprites have changed since it was first established. Why should the giants have stayed exactly the same? Also, as someone who’s read quite a bit of the Archives myself, I know that they are often written in the emotion of the moment, which could color the claims made against any giants. Sadly, it really only takes one bad human to cause us insurmountable trouble.

“Lastly, it was clear to me that Bowman had his own doubts about the legends, and he would be curious himself. I merely gave him some small protection from the backlash should he act on his curiosity.”


I’ve been so excited to come this far that now that I’m here, I hardly know what to say. Years and years of planning and writing and editing (and repeating those steps until I wanted to pass out) have finally come to fruition.

I’m so proud and pleased to announce that Bowman of Wellwood is now a published book! ( Lulu often runs some kind of promotion, so be sure to keep an eye out for extra discounts )


From simple origins as a side project and something to muse about in between classwork and my other stories, Bowman and his friends have grown and developed more than I ever could have imagined. He used to be a nameless little muse, the figure I would imagine flying among the trees whenever I went on a road trip as a kid. Now, Bowman is all grown up, along with Jacob and Rischa and the rest.

I have to give credit where it’s due. I couldn’t have made it to this point without encouragement from my friends and the people I’ve written together with over the years. Thank you all so much for what you’ve done for me, @creatorofuniverses @nightmares06 @borrowedtimeandspace @bittykimmy @little-miss-maggie

Currently, the book is only available on the Lulu shop. However, I am in the process of preparing it for distribution on other sites such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble; more announcements will come when that process is complete. The next step will be to create an eBook format for those who don’t want to have a physical copy with that gorgeous cover (the artwork for which was created by Anthony Avon ).


Scar Wolfblind


Commissions for @neonthebright !

( Much thanks to ghostquack for the amazing art! )

Scar Wolfblind, Wellwood’s bravest protector, would never hesitate to combat any threat that came against his forest home. With his sword drawn and ready, and with a defiant stance, he will fight.

Bravery, however, is not a perfect shield. When the fight is intense, Scar tends to come away with more injuries than the other knights. On those days, his longtime friend Cerul Elanwyn is there to patch him up and offer what healing magic he can.

Scar is offended every time he’s told to rest, but despite his ferocity, Cerul isn’t even a little bit intimidated.

Eclipse over Wellwood

With the eclipse going on, I couldn’t help thinking about what the sprites of Wellwood might think if the sun turned black for a few minutes in the middle of the day. Since they don’t have much reason to know what orbits are, they definitely wouldn’t make the connection that it’s the moon getting in the way.

Wellwood was a heartbeat of nervous energy. Cerul stood on the balcony of the cottonwood tree after the last twitchy-winged, concerned mother had fluttered back to her home tree. At last it seemed the tide of endless questions (mostly the same one) had ended. The sky and the air itself took on a strange tint as the last of the black disk slid over the sun far above them.

He only hoped he’d given the right advice. By the currents of worry on the air, he wasn’t sure.

Are you sure it’s going to be okay?

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There’s a lot to unpack here! ;w;

Wood sprites do bury their fallen, usually right at the bases of trees near their village. A grave is not specifically marked, but the general area is. Most communities will try to grow some specific kind/color of flower in the area to make note of what it’s used for. Some communities also have a hall prayed into the nearby tree(s) where they can ink the names of the ones buried there.

Wellwood has a maple tree and a cluster of yarrow plants for its graveyard. It’s a peaceful area and sometimes those who have lost someone will pay respects by tending the yarrow. It’s not quite the same as “visiting” a specific sprite.

Bowman tends the area sometimes. Usually in winter, when the yarrow is dormant and in need of pruning or an extra prayer, he will take it upon himself.

As for what happened to his mother, I’ll try to explain without going on and on!

Eyara Songbird was gifted with the Voice of the Spirit, and she trained alongside Cerul to fulfill their responsibilities that came with the gift. She was actually so ecstatic to find out she was with child that her joy radiated out from her and brightened the moods around her a small amount. She was so ready to have a little sprout of her own.

Her health declined as the due date approached (and the fact that it would be a winter birth didn’t help her). When Bowman was born, Eyara used a lot of her energy to Pray over the baby and make sure he would be okay. No one thought to caution her against it, as they didn’t know exactly how much she needed that energy for herself. She didn’t last very long after the birth, and her midwives had to bring the baby to his father without his mother.

Scar Wolfblind


I haven’t picked a specific number just yet, but he was pretty young! Only 20 or 21. Bowman was just a wee sprout at the time.

By that point, he would have only been a knight for a couple years. Scar showed a lot of dedication and skill in his training, and he quickly earned his spot among the ranks. He was always determined to fight to protect the other wood sprites of Wellwood; indeed, his temperament is exceedingly rare among a pacifist people.

Wolves aren’t super common in Wellwood, at least not year-round, but just one can be a serious problem if it wanders too close. This is the case in Scar’s fabled story. A wolf, separate from a pack, had intruded well into the region of the woods that the sprites called home. One patrolsprite was killed and another injured badly.

The knights prepared themselves to take the fight to one of the largest enemies they’d have to deal with. They were well aware that some of them might not make it back, but if they could do just enough damage to drive the wolf away, they’d have succeeded.

Cerul fretted a lot for Scar, but he knew there would have been no convincing them not to go. He simply promised that he’d be waiting to offer healing to them all when they returned.

Despite the odds and the wolf’s viciousness, Scar managed to find an opening during the fight and landed right on its snout. Before it could rear back to snap him up, he put his sword through both of its eyes. Driving it away was easy after that.

He earned his name that day, and years later when it came time for a new High Knight, he was the obvious choice.

Scar is actually his birth name! He has a very prominent birthmark that extends all the way from his leg up to his back, and his parents couldn’t get the name out of their heads after seeing that.

Scar’s name originally came about to me as a writer as part of a theme with two other characters. Cerul, Scar, and a third (not as well known) sprite character of mine Cadmi. I think @creatorofuniverses and maybe @nightmares06 are the only ones to have picked up on the pattern for their names before, but the pattern suits each character’s personality and role in my canon story.

Cerul and Scar

They would get into some of the usual shenanigans that teen wood sprites enjoy. Nighttime flying, races through the trees, and the like. At that point, Cerul would also have been training his skills with the Voice and Scar would be training to become a knight. They had some prestigious goals ahead of them, but they found a way to be troublemakers despite this.

Their backgrounds are very different, but they’ve been best friends for a long time, maybe because of their differences. Scar is hotheaded and brash, and Cerul’s level calm is a really good contrast to him. They keep each other from going too extreme in either direction.

 To name a specific incident in their younger years, once they decided they were going to agitate a bluejay. They ended up getting chased for at least a mile by the thing and Cerul nearly sprained a wing getting away.

You can bet they got their ears pinched once they made it home after that.