Chase In Lilliput

Chase Lisong & the word is “Trap” (I’ll do the other questions in separate posts, worry not!)

This is …. probably not precisely what anon had in mind for this character/word combo, but I have been waiting for a reason to go ahead and write this silly little AU. So, here we have the unveiling of Lilliputian!Chase. Don’t worry, he’s still the same little dork he is in any universe, and this is definitely not the last we’ll see of him.

All it took was one misplaced step, and suddenly Chase didn’t have solid ground under him. His arms flailed up from his sides in a desperate bid to grab onto a branch or vine or something, but they only found air. He tilted uncontrollably and toppled, claimed by the slope.

He rolled down a muddy hill, miraculously avoiding rocks and thick tree trunks while crushing small ferns instead. Twigs scratched his face and his eyes shut tight as he tried to stop his descent. He wasn’t far from the seaside cliffs, and the knowledge seized his breath in his chest.

And then he reached the edge.

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Chase In Lilliput – Discovered (1/2)

And Lilliputian!Chase is back! Couldn’t just leave him pinned forever. He needs a proper first encounter in this crack AU.

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It felt like an age before anything changed. Chase wriggled underneath the giant’s hand every few minutes, trying to pry himself free. It never worked. Once or twice the hand would twitch and Chase would worry he’d be subjected to another unconscious scratch against the giant’s stomach. At least he had some luck there.

Eventually, though, his accidental captivity was joined by a new sound. Chase’s eyes widened in the sweltering dark as the stomach beneath him suddenly let out a loud, pining gurgle. Any thought of how he’d get himself out of this mess came to an abrupt halt as that sound really sank in.

Don’t suppose you brought yourself a snack, didja, he thought nervously. There weren’t many stories of giants actually eating anyone in Lilliput before, and yet the part of Chase that knew how little he was by comparison couldn’t leave the notion alone. He was trapped with a giant. A hungry one.

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Chase In Lilliput – Discovered (2/2)

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Heat bloomed in Chase’s cheeks, but not from embarrassment. Fear and a mounting lack of air built on him, tensing his shoulders. The giant wasn’t pinching his chest at all, but he almost swore he was. His chest was tight with pain.

“Oh, Jesus,” the giant muttered. Chase caught a glimpse of those eyes again, but his gaze slid to the side as the free hand brushed at his shoulder with a fingertip. The nudge surprised him; it was far more gentle than a fingertip the size of his head should be. “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Can I help you?”

Chase realized distractedly that the pain in his chest must be showing on his face. He shook his head distractedly and pushed against the grip around him, but his force was so weak. He had to blink tears from his eyes from the pressure.

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Chase in Lilliput – Lost Giant

Back with Chase and his new giant buddy. Jacob has no clue what’s going on, either, Chase, give him a break!

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Chase hesitated, seated on a giant palm with his hands braced against it to prop himself up. He was wholly outmatched by this Jacob, but at least the guy hadn’t done anything to hurt him so far. Even if he hadn’t put him down, either. “I’m Chase,” he replied glibly. “And I’m not a giant, so what do ya say about putting me down so I’m not so high in the air?”

Jacob’s eyebrows shot up again. As if on reflex, his fingers curled closer and Chase thought for a moment that he would be enveloped in a fist. Instead, Jacob merely glanced from his hand to the ground.

“Um. Right. Sorry,” he stammered. His hand moved, a living platform, and Chase wished he had something to hang onto as he dropped towards the ground. “Weren’t you on me? What’d you do, climb up?”

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Chase In Lilliput – Got Any Better Ideas?

Whaaat, content on the blog? I’ve been super busy with other writing projects that are too big to post here, so this one has slacked off a bit. However, rest assured that I love these dorks and will continue with them. 🙂

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Chase smirked and folded his hands behind his head. “So, uh. I’m gonna make a few guesses about what happened, stop me if I’m wrong. Ready?” he asked.

It was Jacob’s turn for a bemused look. He tilted his head and leaned forward slightly to pay closer attention. “Yeah, I guess. Guess away.”

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Chase in Lilliput – Panic! In the Streets (1/2)

The people (some of the people) have spoken, and I had some more of this lying around waiting to post, so here’s some more shenanigans in Lilliput. This time, we get some of Jacob’s perspective on the whole ordeal. And a look at just how dorky Chase is from someone else’s point of view.

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Jacob’s brow pinched, an expression of worry and bemusement. “I’m not gonna drop you,” he assured. Chase was way too little to think about letting him fall or get hurt. As if to confirm his words, his fingers curled closer. “I’ve gotcha.”

Chase rolled his eyes, an expression that even Jacob noticed. The little guy definitely had a flair for the dramatic. Jacob found himself wondering if everyone else in this Lilliput place was like that.

Guess I’m about to find out.

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Chase in Lilliput – Panic! In the Streets (2/2)

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Chase’s eyes were almost comically wide when Jacob glanced down at him. “Shit, really?” He crawled closer to the edge of Jacob’s hand and used his thumb like a support rail. Perking up, the little guy could finally see into the city.

“Oh, man, I didn’t think everyone would panic this bad!”

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Chase In Lilliput – Can We Keep Him?

It’s been a while! After all the sad Oscar spam I think it’s definitely time for an update on Chase and the new giant he found on the beach. He’s gotta make sure everyone knows his giant is totally chill. Just give him a chance, dude!

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It wasn’t as easy as Chase thought to avert a panic. Everyone was running and hiding, and some people were trying to figure out if they needed to evacuate. He had a hard time making his way to the city center through all the crowds of people milling around.

At least some confusion started to settle in. When Jacob didn’t storm the walls and start knocking stuff down, people didn’t know what to think of the situation. Chase was smirking by the time he reached the authorities, even though they were clear that this was no laughing matter.

They almost didn’t believe that he was the one to tell the giant to walk towards the city. No amount of “My bad, my bad!” put them at ease.

In the end, he was shuffled into meetings with police and politicians, quick handshakes and hurried explanations. There were a few people under the impression that he had somehow escaped the terrible giant’s clutches and congratulated his bravery. The mayor almost called him a hero.

My ego doesn’t need this, he told himself, while letting people pat him on the back for his deeds.

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Giant Jacob and Lilliputian Chase


“No way,” he protested, waving at the cliffs with emphasis. “Check out those cliffs, and the trees up there! You are a giant!”

The giant looked aside and his eyebrows lifted slightly as he noticed. The trees standing atop the shoreside cliffs were tall compared to Chase, but none of them would come to even half the giant’s height. 

“Ah. Okay,” he admitted, glancing back to Chase. The giant smiled faintly again, a fascinated and amused look. “Guess I am. But you can just call me Jacob.”

A prompt for @paigethefiremage, of @neonthebright‘s characters Chase and Jacob (the exerpt above is from her story Chase in Lilliput). I’m always up for drawing Jacob, and this story so far is great, so I think it’s entirely fitting that I sketch out a scene. ^^ My only regret is that I didn’t get to really show Chase- maybe another time.

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Chase In Lilliput – All That Introduction Stuff (1/2)

And here we are again with another update from Chase and his new giant. This one will actually be the last in this initial sequence of Chase finding the giant and deciding to keep him. After this I’ll jump around with other shorts, musings, etc. If you have ideas for the dorks to get into, you should definitely send them my way. :V

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It didn’t take long for Jacob to notice Chase’s return. The giant eyes glanced his way at the sign of motion, and then Jacob perked up in surprise to see Chase returning so soon. Chase grinned and waved jauntily.

One giant hand pressed into the grass so Jacob could lean towards him and watch his progress. After figuring out how mellow Jacob actually was, that sight wasn’t scary at all. “That was fast,” he commented. “Everyone still panicking?”

“Kinda!” Chase called.

Jacob’s dubious frown was worth it. Chase almost had to stop walking to laugh it off. He stood on the dirt road in the shadow of a giant, unconcerned and doubled over with laughter. “Mostly they’re just confused! Don’t worry so much, dude.”

Jacob rolled his eyes, but he was clearly distracted, looking back towards the city a few more times. “So, what, they gonna send someone out to meet me?”

“Nah,” Chase waved a hand, arriving at the hand Jacob had resting on the ground. He stared straight up to meet the guy’s sheepish gaze, hands on his hips. “You’re gonna go meet them! Now gimme a lift!” He kicked at a giant finger pointedly. Continue reading “Chase In Lilliput – All That Introduction Stuff (1/2)”