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Will you be continuing chase in lilliput? I love gulliver’s travels themed stories and yours is by far the best 😁

Absolutely! The only reason some of those projects got a little slow this year is because I was doing a prompt challenge that took up a lot of time (and I also published my first novel).

However! This ask reminded me that I have a half-finished installment for that little series, and I hope to get that finished up soon so the wait can end! Thanks for the reminder and I’m so so glad you like my story so much! ;w;

Chase In Lilliput – Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Jacob Andris!

August 27th is the specific day, but since I didn’t want to deal with whether or not the Lilliputian calendar is the same, I handwaved it a bit here. My boy is getting older; I’m really proud of how far the character has come since I first created him. He’s seen some crazy adventures in his original story as well as the many AUs I’ve tossed him into. I decided to use this cute AU to give him a nice birthday, since a lot of the other stories can get kinda sad for him at times. This one is all cutes.

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Jacob relaxed against a hillside outside a miniature city. No matter how long it had been since he’d washed up on the shores of Lilliput, no matter how many times people insisted he was the giant there, he couldn’t help but think of it that way. To him, Lilliput and its denizens were tiny, all barely the size of a finger compared to him. He couldn’t even fit a hand in the doors of their homes (not that he’d tried that more than once).

He’d already been scolded once or twice by the people in charge. He wasn’t supposed to wander into the city itself without a chaperone, and even then only in less crowded areas. Since they were active all the time, those times were very rare.

In the back of his mind, Jacob was aware that he could go into town whenever he wanted. He could use their many roads as a footpath to any destination within the city. They couldn’t stop him from doing so.

He didn’t want to make them see him that way.

He’d been accepted in Lilliput. Considering how easily they could have sent him away, or worse, attacked him, he wanted to stay on their good side. As much as he could, anyway.

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Chase In Lilliput – Moving In

We’re back at last! I’ve missed these guys a lot, and it was a lot of fun to start thinking of them again. Many thanks to those who sent in asks in my last storm of asks! I got a bunch of fun new ideas from them that I look forward to writing out. For now, a bit about where Jacob’s going to make his home in Lilliput!

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Jacob eyed the plot of land that Chase had brought him to see (which really meant that Chase had pointed the way while Jacob carried him, but he wasn’t about to argue the point). It was still all a part of the family’s land, he’d said, that they rarely used for pasture. The grass that grew on it was interspersed with rocks and patches of arid dirt. The fence stopped before it, with one rusty gate that’d fall apart if Jacob nudged it.

“You’re sure I can use this?” he asked. The property fences around it didn’t look too well-maintained. They clearly didn’t use it much, but an acre was a lot. To them, anyway.

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Kids love G!Jacob, though he internally freaks out if they’re close by.

It’s mostly a mantra of Don’t move don’t squish anyone how many are there and where are they at all times. Along with giving them little rides on his hands or letting them stand on his shoulders because how could he say no?

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I bet Jacob is extra careful with the little kids that run up to meet him (despite parents telling their kids to cut it out), and acts as a living playground like in Bothering Bowman. Love the Lilliput story by the way!

Jacob is so good with tiny kids. They just recognize that he’s a teddy, and they’re enamored with him. Even the skittish ones probably couldn’t resist saying hi for too long, and once they realize what a total marshmallow he is? It’s all over.

He is definitely as careful as he can be around them. He would prefer to have someone like Chase around to help him keep track of them all, though … his pockets and hood might be fun to explore, but he can’t risk someone getting stuck there.

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enby-phoenix: Jacob’s hair is a little bit longish already, but if he stays in Lilliput for a while, it’s gonna get even longer. Would he try to cut it shorter with the Lilliputians’ help, or just get used to having long hair, and maybe get some rope to tie it back with?

I think he’d be more likely to cut it if it started getting too long. They might have to help him make sure it’s somewhat even, since he’s not much of a self-barber. If he did have to let it grow a bit, he’d get used to having rope to tie it back in a tail, but I tell ya it’s really hard for me to picture him like that lol.

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therealbrigeedarocks: Ok but now G!Jacob with his cow herd and like I dunno keeping his hand on an arc on the ground so the cows use his fingers to rub against like they do with those Happy Cow (c) rollers or like bears to trees

Yes. Absolutely! The cows would love it and it’d probably make Jacob feel better about being so giant. He doesn’t want to scare anyone (or anycow). Just imagine if he can get one to walk onto his hand. O:

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Jacob waking up with cats, birds and goats climbing all over him because he’s an high perch =P

Oh gosh. He’d have to be super careful not to upset any perches as he got up. There would be so much indignant bleating and meowing as he moved, but hopefully whatever climbed on him would find a quick way down.

He’s a huge source of warmth, though, so I bet this is most likely to happen in winter or after it rains. He is the best shelter!

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enby-phoenix: How modern is the Lilliput Chase lives in?

A good question! I’ve been mulling this one over a little bit.

I would say decently modern, but without some of the technology we have in common use today. Lilliputians haven’t gone on to discover the rest of the world, so they probably don’t have planes, for example. They’re right next to their only possible trade partner, so the need isn’t there.

I’ll probably be playing a little loosely with this as I go along. I’m open to suggestions too!

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Sandcastle competition. Except Chase can easily get inside the one Jacob builds and help with the details

Aaaaa these ideas have all been so precious and cute. I love this idea and it’ll probably have to be a drabble now.

Chase climbing into the sand castle tunnels to inspect them. Jacob would be hovering at every door, peeking in to make sure he knew where the little guy was at all times in case there was a collapse and he had to dig him out.

And, of course, once the castle is complete, Chase will 100% be plucked up and set at the very top. King of the mountain!