Muunfel Lore Bits #5

Cira Dawn isn’t the first Oracle that has ever taken up residence in her temple, but she might be the most decorated. The power that grants her the position enables her to see not only the futures, but a lot of the past as well, with almost all of time accessible to her with some effort. It also gives her the ability to create and resolve paradoxes on a whim.

Cira also communes with beings not on the physical plane, especially the gods. Many of them find her amusing or endearing, and would protect her if the need arose. In return, sometimes they are allowed to ride along in her headspace to view the world from a slightly more mortal perspective.

Random Facts about Elias Dawn

Elias has many middle names, and listing them all off gets tedious for him. The city/culture he’s from tends to have a tradition of adding more middle names based on titles earned and accomplishments won. He was already born with a few: Elias Orson Phineas Kingspeaker* Dawn. Since his mother is the Oracle of a temple, he assumed the role of a temple speaker just by being born. Very few people can make sense of what Cira Dawn says due to her difficulties communicating, but Elias always had a knack for it.

He takes after his mother in looks. Since his father is a deity with no set physical form, his natural physical traits were all inherited from Cira (deep red hair, sapphire eyes, sienna skin, strong nose). He’s met his dad a few times, and while there’s no animosity between them, a part of him does blame the guy for the way Cira’s mind was broken.

Elias is pansexual and genderfluid. Since he’s a shapeshifter, he can play around a bit with his presentation. Usually, he will give the people close to him an easy visual cue so they know which pronouns to use, but not always. He sometimes enjoys dating and develops crushes fast, but the thought of anything like marriage or any implication of “forever” sort of freaks him out for reasons he keeps quiet (he has a set “destiny” and he already has a hard enough time with that).

Elias as a character is fun to write because he’s what most people would call “overpowered”. He’s a demigod with a lot of abilities, including storm manipulation, shapeshifting, summoning items out of thin air, and making copies of himself. He also sort of combines his storm and mischief aspects into something he calls “electrickery,” in which he manipulates the electric impulses in someone’s brain. He saves that for dire circumstances since it’s hard to do.

* ”Kingspeaker” is the most convenient translation from what the word is in his first language, since it doesn’t have a distinction between a male and female sovereign.

Excerpt: Birth of a Storm

I’ve written here and there about Elias and Cira Dawn, and their time being the strangest pseudo-royal family that their temple has seen in many many years. The interesting thing to note is that Cira was deeply depressed after being declared the Oracle. It meant she could not wander as freely as she used to, and the friends she lost would stay lost out in the world. When she learned she was pregnant, some of her joy came back.

Twenty two hours of labor and the baby still hadn’t come. Cira let out another raspy cry as her body shuddered with pain. The nurses bustled around her like a kaleidoscope of moving figures. Someone held her hand, but between the intense false figures in the room and the storming outside, she couldn’t tell who. All that mattered was the baby that was so ready to come out, but couldn’t.

Something had to be wrong, but Cira lacked the words to ask. The speakers of the temple were standing by, but most of them had no idea what to make of her yet. She was a new Oracle and her prophecies were more obscured than most.

Words simply minced together in her head. After everything that she had seen and done, she was quite rightfully mad. She didn’t usually mind.

Thunder cracked and something in her shifted. Cira cried out a wordless plea, a prayer that she would at least get to meet her child. It was so lonely, being the way she was. The baby, she told herself, didn’t have to understand her. She would love it just the same.

Excerpt: Cira

Cira Dawn is one of my favorite characters, and definitely one of the most surprising as far as where her story went. Originally a D&D character, I have adapted her backstory somewhat to suit the Muunfel setting. Here’s a look at one of the misadventures of Cira well before she even considered having a child. This is shortly after she experienced a madness-inducing dimension hop.

Among the massive pile of treasures Cira and her companions claimed from the beast was a small cube. Cira picked it up and turned it over in her hands, and it buzzed with energy. When one side was pressed, Cira gasped as a sharp pull began right between her shoulder blades, like one of her many kaleidoscope friends was leading her off on a new adventure.

Phinn started to fade away, as did the others, one by one. Cira frowned as she realized they weren’t coming with her. Wait, she wanted to cry out, but her lips were sealed by whatever was yanking her out of the world. Phinn looked startled and leaped towards her, his hands outstretched. She slipped through them like water. The lights and shadows around her began to blur and spin in a sickening show of acrobatics. Cira, her senses overwhelmed by the pulling sensation and the sights and sounds of madness, lost consciousness.

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Throwback Thursday

How Elias discovered his gender identity

Elias, in his original form, was a D&D character (dual class bard/ranger, for those interested). He was actually introduced as the son of my previous D&D character, Cira Dawn, who had survived three campaigns prior and deserved to be safely retired with all her loot so she could take care of her lil baby.

Becoming an oracle of a significant temple (a development that I kept in her story when I moved it into the Muunfel project) gave her a stable place to call home, but it also meant many visits from all kinds of importan people. Elias grew up meeting dignitaries, gods, vessels of gods, royals, and the like. It was a very accepting household, though he saw his fair share of trouble growing up there. His mother’s importance made him the target for more than one kidnapping attempt, but Cira Dawn can and will move mountains for her baby, so it never stuck.

Elias grew up confident and well-loved, but still he set out on his adventures to see the world and figure out his own place in it (all with his mother’s enthusiastic support). This is, more or less, how he ended up with his original D&D party.

Fast forward to the thick of the Plot. One of the other party members, a very pretty cleric, had gotten kidnapped. She was being held hostage in a warehouse, and part of the rest of the party’s plan for attack was to create diversions. Elias’ diversion, since he could shapeshift, was to transform into the likeness of their kidnapped friend to make the bandits think she’d escaped her cell.

Sometime during this mission, it clicked. The form, presenting as female, worked well for Elias, and she was almost reluctant to shift back.

After that, more shapeshifting and experimentation occurred. Elias learned that he is a man sometimes, a woman others, and neither or both on some occasions. He’s very fortunate to be able to play so freely with his presentation, too.

Fun fact: Sometimes, when presenting female, she changes her name to Elisa to match and thinks she’s the cleverest about it. For agender/nonbinary days, El is a suitable name for them. However, Elias is fine with his given name as a general way to refer to him.

Word Association: Blizzard

Send me a word and I’ll tell you one OC fact related to it

Elias Dawn, a demigod of mischief and of storms, can control the weather. Technically, this means he can also whip up a blizzard, even out of season if he really puts effort into it.

However, this is one of the few things his mother has explicitly banned him from doing, ever since he did it as a child and threw off several fields of crops from their scheduled harvest.

Word Association: Dinosaur(s)

Send me a word and I’ll tell you one OC fact related to it

Cira Dawn (mother of Elias Dawn) has three dinosaurs in a menagerie that she has collected from her adventures across the world (and, reportedly, across dimensions). As an Oracle of the gods and a master of causing/fixing time paradoxes, she’s resurrected ancient beasts before. They’re very well cared for in the menagerie at the temple where she now resides.

Letters from Camp

Originally I wasn’t going to do a letters post because I assumed I wouldn’t get more than 200 words written today haaaa. I’ve had a migraine for two days now and concentration comes and goes. As it turns out, I did a whole daily session in easy time, so I can actually show some work! Yay!

Word Count: 2983 / 20000


Cira sighed, and then focused not exactly on Elias’ eyes, but very close. “Yes, of course, sweet one,” she said.

Elias smiled faintly. “Thanks, mom.”

In her fashion, she smiled indulgently and gave him the beginning of their conversation at last. “I think you’ll be setting out in the days to come. Long strings to follow, Elias. Very long strings. I hope you’ll stay safe. Good luck must follow such an adventure.”

NaNoWriMo Day 29

Man, I was so restless while doing my writing today. I managed to make what I wanted to, at least. I think I’m definitely nearing a transition point where I can call it a wrap for the first “act” of the story and maybe take a break from it for a while, let it stew.


“I have a friend,” she noted aloud. “Her name is many many sounds long. Elias calls her Gladys. Have you met Gladys, Guinivere Bloodgaze, Sea Tyrant, the white wave’s Lady?”

Guinivere narrowed her eyes, but didn’t deign to answer.

Cira held up her hands as if she was staring through a wall of glass and grinned. “I think she takes after her mother, shall we see?”

A screeching roar, loud enough to shake the air around them, ripped across the sky. All eyes turned upward as a long shape darted out of the clouds above and plummeted towards them.

NaNoWriMo Day 28

Oh man. Writing fight scenes is both difficult and fun. I know I definitely need some work to make this scene I worked on today much more badass, but I’m so pleased with it so far. 😀


With speed that could not come from a human, Cira twisted Guinivere’s arm back. There was a sickening crack and Guinivere squealed out a husky cry, but Cira wasn’t finished yet. She grabbed Guinivere’s hair in her other hand and yanked her close so she could whisper in her ear.

Elias didn’t hear what she said, but he saw the look of terror that crossed Guinivere’s face for an instant.

Then, Cira threw her to the ground so hard she left a rut in the dirt.