NaNoWriMo Day 30

I made it!

It’s been such a fun project! Even though I did have a couple days where I just did NOT want to do ANYTHING, I made my word count and got the story very close to a really nice conclusion! I can’t wait to share more of it once I get it edited up.


“Please help me again,” Seth spoke and signed at the same time. “Again” was new to them, but he doubted it mattered.

Click remained dim for several seconds, not a flicker of what they might be thinking on their skin. Then, finally, they lit up in a new pattern he hadn’t seen in some time. They most often used it in his first days when he was skittish. “It’s okay,” he guessed it meant. Then, they used sign to emphasize it. “I’ll help you.”

NaNoWriMo Day 26

Back again. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling it for making a post. Today I feel pretty awesome about what I wrote. I’m on the home stretch, folks. 😀

Word Count: 45,207


Seth held up a hand and, after a shaky, hesitant moment, pressed it against the barrier of his reverse fish tank. It didn’t feel like glass; it never had. It always reminded him of those fountains, the ones with a sheet of water raining down a clear surface, and instead of glass this time it was slightly pliant, like a cushion against the wild current.

Click stared at him in shock, the patterns flickering through their head tendrils and across their face.

Then, just as hesitant and just as gingerly from pain, they held up their own hand. It was much larger than Seth’s, but still they placed their palm against the barrier opposite his, meeting his gesture the best they could. They practically hid him from sight when they did it.

NaNoWriMo Day 18

Woooo I hit a pretty important plot landmark today! It was a lot of fun and it actually launched my word count back up from the last few days. The following scene was kinda scary to imagine but also I’m pretty sure I’ll need to revise it a bit to actually make it scary to read lol. That’s what first drafts are for, right?

Word Count: 35,635


He pointed at the giant once more and enunciated the best he could despite his bubble muffling and echoing around him. “Click.”

To no surprise, Click emitted the chittering noises that had inspired Seth’s name for them. They were curious now; he recognized that pattern. He repeated the action once more, and suddenly felt silly for it. They had no need for spoken names; who knew what they would take away from this exercise.

The patterns suddenly brightened and flashed in excitement. He smiled, even though his cheeks were warm with some embarrassment. He couldn’t have expected that to work, but already they were glowing rapidly at Fireworks. The other giant was watching with more interest now. The spark patterns that inspired their own name lit up enough to reflect in their eyes, and they leaned closer to the bubble.

They held their chin in their hand in a thoughtful gesture that looked entirely human, considering they were a giant from the cold abyss under the ocean. Their own hooting chirps murmured out of them as they flickered new patterns over their face.

Seth had no idea what they might be saying now, but this all felt like a huge breakthrough. After days of living in a coral box with few ways to communicate, few ways to assure them he was an intelligent being, suddenly they were reacting to him as if he was.

NaNoWriMo Day 16 (and 15)

I missed a post yesterday. It completely slipped my mind (in my defense, the episode of Supernatural was really good and after I watched it I basically ended my evening on a high note). I did my word count yesterday though, and I managed to make plenty of progress today too before I have to go off to my evening plans! The notes for this sequence are “Inexplicably, tigers”. Just because.

Word Count: 31,640

Excerpt 1: 

Seth couldn’t help but imagine that bubble shrinking too far, leaving him without any air at all.

It didn’t, for whatever relief that was worth. He found himself once again with an odd bubble around only his head, sealed off at his neck and keeping only his hair dry. His clothes were soaked and his skin felt like a thousand needles poked at it.

After his brief thrashing, he floated back down to the black palms beneath him. His hands braced against Firework’s rough skin, but he wavered nonetheless in a current they couldn’t completely avoid in that cave.

All things considered, the current was the least of his worries.

Excerpt 2:

Seth almost allowed himself to wonder what might happen next. Did Click intend to leave him there? Had they given him over to the care of Fireworks in the hopes of helping him get healthier or feel better?

He didn’t know how to feel about the possibility that the giant fish that kidnapped him might be abandoning him.

The thoughts fled when he noticed something in the underbrush near the trees. His gaze whipped to the side, and Seth froze in his low crouch. He parsed what he could see easily, but then determined that couldn’t be right. It was too absurd, too ridiculous to be true.

There was an animal in the enclosure with him, and it had a white muzzle, stark yellow-gold eyes, and orange and black stripes.

A tiger?!

NaNoWriMo Day 14

I wrote a lot today! I got past a bit of a block (thanks to a pep talk from the inestimable @creatorofuniverses, u da best) and kept right on truckin. Also I found a place for one of my fave GT tropes at last, so there’s that

Word Count: 28,035


He was just pushing himself up on his hands and knees when he felt it, and grimaced. A giant fingertip brushed at his back, strong enough to pin him down if it wanted to. Instead, it pinched at his hoodie and secured an unbreakable grip on him.

This was, admittedly, unexpected. Seth had just enough time to frown in confusion before his jacket pulled taut on his torso and he lifted upwards as effortlessly as a mouse in a cat’s paw.

No, wait. Not a great image– his thoughts were cut off by the movement of the sand below him as Click ferried him closer to the pool.

NaNoWriMo Day 13

I reached the halfway point today! It’s a good thing I’m a little early for that, because this week has been kind of a slow one for writing. That’s totally okay, though; I’m well on track and the story is still fun~

Word Count: 25,524


Seth learned to recognize a select few glow patterns and how they looked on both giant faces. “Will return” was a common one for Click, as well as “What do you think?” or something like it. He also learned to recognize when they were happy or upset, though thankfully the latter emotion was never taken out on him.

It was progress, but not in the directions Seth so desperately wanted. When he tried to gesture upwards, towards the surface and the sky and the dry land where he belonged, he never could convince them. They either didn’t understand, or thought he was pointing out something with the glowing growths up on his ceiling.

Nothing much changed for what he assumed was around four days. That was when Click decided to bring Seth on a field trip of their own.

NaNoWriMo Day 11

Today was a little bit slow going as I hedged on whether I was going to go ahead with a certain scene, but then I decided to go for it. Seth needed more conflict in his story (ha), and he needed more of a reason to be aligned with his fish giants, if not with all fish giants.

Word Count: 22,487


This time, the fish they’d brought him emitted steam. There was no blood leaking over it, and the flesh was a whitish pink compared to the greyish red from before. If Seth were to guess, it had been boiled.

“How did you do that?” he asked before he could stop himself. Click, of course, had no answer for him, but merely watched with the same hopeful curiosity as before. Their mouth opened slightly, then closed, as if demonstrating for him what he was meant to do.

“Right, of course,” he muttered.

NaNoWriMo Day 10

Made some decent plot(ish) progress today. The communication barrier is fun, but also it makes some things difficult for me. Like how do I make sure Seth knows that Click is a friend. How.

Word Count: 20,447


He almost didn’t recognize Click at first. Most of the fish folk had the same sort of face, with sharp teeth, bulbous black eyes, and glowing tendrils on their heads. However, After noticing decorations of shells or coral or metal on the others, Seth realized that Click was entirely undecorated, and their betta-like fins were distinct among them.

As he watched, Click snatched a low-swimming fish out of the water. It flickered with bio-light, but couldn’t escape their grip. Seth’s mouth twisted into a frown, and he almost looked away. He didn’t want to watch the giant that kept him in a box tear a fish apart.

Another fish-giant rushed up to Click then, their own patterns glowing sharply and quickly. Click cringed back from them, clutching the fish they’d caught and chattering back. Another fish giant joined the confrontation, both advancing on Click with angry flashing and burbling.

Like schoolyard bullies, one seized Click by the arm while the other grabbed a handful of their head tendrils. Click opened their mouth, and then something stretched on their jaw and they opened their mouth even wider than should be possible, showing off even more of those sharp teeth.

Before they could retaliate, the other fish snatched their kill from their hands and darted away, clicking smugly.

NaNoWriMo Day 8

I had some fun today, mostly with Click (the big feesh that initially dragged him under the ocean) bringing more stuff to Seth to make him feel better, and him mostly not feeling that much better but being too tired to panic. Things … will improve.

Word Count: 16,233


The giant wasn’t discouraged. They tapped the pile of blankets, and their face glowed with an odd little rhythm of light. Seth imagined an expectant raise of the eyebrows, though the fish giant didn’t have any.

“I don’t want to be on it,” he said, his voice scratchy and tired. “It’s cold. I slept because I was tired, and I’m not tired.”

Click seemed to listen intently, but no sign of understanding appeared. They brushed gently at the blanket almost absently this time. Then they reached out and gently touched Seth’s cheek before he could flinch away.

“I-I’m sorry, okay? I don’t know what you want. I don’t want to sleep on these right now!” he cried out, too confused and wary to be frustrated.

NaNoWriMo Day 7

Didn’t get quite as much done today as I wanted, but I still feel pretty good about it! I ironed out a bit of a hitch in my story flow and had some fun with Seth’s backstory this time. Also he’s named a couple of the fish people.

Word Count: 14,015


The hand ferried him back to the pool of water, and Seth’s heart fluttered like a baby bird. “Please, wait, don’t–” he stammered. His voice pitched into a shriek when Stripe yanked him down into the water.

Cold and dark assaulted him, and his breath fled his mouth. The water pressure didn’t crush him, but Seth hardly had a mind for that. He could only thrash and struggle against the hand dragging him out. Desperate for freedom, desperate for air, Seth loosed a strangled cry that echoed weirdly around him.

Click’s voice was clearer now, to his fleeting surprise, though he still couldn’t understand the chattering noises. Seth found himself between the two giant fish people, Stripe’s hand coiled loosely around him like one of those scuba shark cages.