Better than Expected


Colfax, Possession

This one probably won’t go how anyone would have anticipated with a prompt like that, but I enjoy turning things around on ya. ;D

AU: A Little Bit of Magic, set well before Colfax met Prince Adrian

The magic pulsed, so much more than Colfax had expected it to. He grimaced and bruises formed across his chest and arms from the shockwave, and his hands shook. He put more effort into his summoning circle, one he’d copied symbol for symbol.

He’d done this right. He had the magic and enough rudimentary talent with the Arts. It should be working.

Magical feedback hissed through his brain and redefined his concept of a splitting headache. Colfax’s summoning circle broke with his concentration and the energies roiling within leaked out. Then, they snapped towards him. He had time to hold up his rudimentary staff to try and block their advance, heart pounding and eyes wide.

He’d only just begun his attempt to self-teach wizardry, and he’d already failed by becoming too arrogant too soon.

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Just a Little Lost


Colfax – Lost.

From the A Little Bit of Magic AU. This is before Colfax met Adrian or Sawyer or Charlie.

Reading Time: ~5-10 minutes.

Colfax scowled at the shoes that walked by in front of him. Hidden in a drainpipe like he was, the shoes were all he could really see. The city was bustling at this hour, and he had quickly discovered that he had no choice but to duck into the hiding place. He might be learning a thing or two about magic, but he couldn’t stop someone from stepping on him.

Maybe one day. But not yet.

He’d been wandering side streets for some time, after a narrow escape from a few crows that could never stop bothering him. Now, he found himself staring sourly out of a drainpipe at far too many enormous shoes. He didn’t know which of the main thoroughfares he’d found. It was hard to read the signs that stretched above even their heads.

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At Night


The word is ‘Fragile.’

A Little More Trust universe, Colfax is about 12.

Reading time: <5 minutes

Are you scared, little brother?

The teasing voice from earlier that day echoed in the dark and Colfax shuddered. No, I’m not! he’d told her then. They were just learning to climb to great heights. That was nothing. All viri had to learn so they could fend for themselves. Colfax wasn’t afraid of learning what he had to, no matter what kind of reactions Gwen tried to get out of him.

If she could see him now, he imagined, she’d tease him some more. Luckily she was a heavy sleeper.

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